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What’s Up with What’s Up

May 23, 2016

What’s Up – Whats Up, what up, was up

So, I’m back after a happy happy weekend and back with what? Something that I have already talked about so much on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s a place where everytime I visited, I ended up with an amazing experience. What’s Up with What’s Up? How do they reach into my mind and always bring out what I desire for? Maybe because they know exactly what people like me look for! Continue Reading…

a glance at the outfits seen in met gala 2016 part 1

May 4, 2016

a glance at the outfits seen in met gala 2016 part 1 – met gala, met ball

We all were keeping our eyes on one of the most Spectacular events of the year during this weekend. Met Gala displayed us so many the mindblowing collections of the renowned designers and a few custom made ones too. The event like this set the benchmark so high that we become a scrupulous critic. But we love playing that role at this time of the year, don’t we? So here is a glance at the outfits seen in Met Gala 2016 Part 1. Continue Reading…

Sporty chic

May 2, 2016
Sporty chic

Sporty chic – fashion sport, sport chic, sport fashion

Spring-Summer time is definitely play time. It’s time to wear lighter dresses, light makeup and enjoy the minimalism. One of the important things that the season requires is a backpack where the necessary things can be kept. This sporty chic look I’m describing here is all about that. The minimalism is at its best here. Continue Reading…

Best Black shoes for summer

April 28, 2016
Best Black shoes for summer

Best Black shoes for summer – footwear, es shoes, simple shoes, casual shoes

Summer is the season when you share a little love-hate relationship with black. You know the best of your personality exhibits in black yet the sun and heat asks you to limit its use for this season.
But you surely know that if you love black, you can’t stay far from it. So, to give your look that coveted touch of black, it’s a brilliant idea to seek black shoes. Continue Reading…

Best summer nail polish

April 21, 2016

Best summer nail polish – perfect summer, nail polish canada, nail tek

During the summer season, we prefer to use light colors. Whether it’s about the dresses we choose to wear or the accessories we choose to add with our summer looks, the light colors look pleasant and easy going. During the summer season, it’s always recommended to go laid back and laid-back begins with cooler shades.
If you want to add a few nail polish that go well with your comfy summer looks in white, pale or pastels, here is our best summer nail polish picks. Continue Reading…

10 summer essentials to keep in your backpack

April 20, 2016

10 summer essentials to keep in your backpack

Finally the summer is here. I often think about what love-hate relationship we share with summer! Even though we love to love summer, but we often feel that our mood of enjoying the season is being destroyed by excessive heat and discomfort. So, to make summer enjoyable at our best, I have put in extra focus on cutting down uneasiness related to summer. Here I have discussed about 10 summer essentials to keep in your backpack and I’m confident that with a little care, we can conquer over the heat and make summer a season to cherish. Continue Reading…


April 19, 2016

sci-fi – sci fi shows, science fiction, sci fi costumes, sci fi fashion

This week is all about fun and brightness. Be it the vibe of the biggest music festival Coachella at Palm Springs in Los Angeles or a thousand miles away where I am now, it’s fun-filled everywhere. My best friend visited me this week and made it so special and joyous to me. It was amazing to see her after years and we drove around the city, strolled, and took pictures (I have shared some selfies on Instagram and I’ll reveal many other pictures soon). Continue Reading…

How to keep your skin and body hydrated in summer

April 18, 2016

How to keep your skin and body hydrated in summer

How to keep your skin and body hydrated in summer – staying hydrated , how many water bottles should i drink a day

Summer is the season when we find ourselves tired and fatigue takes a toll on our body. Not only water, we also lose salt from our body in summer. The heat causes sweat and that leaves us extremely dehydrated. Our body feels drained and the skin exhausted. Hence, in this summer, I’m gonna share some quick and useful tips on how to keep your skin and body hydrated in summer. Trust me, it’s no big deal to do strenuous work or long hour exercise or even hiking the mountains if you are eating and drinking right. Continue Reading…