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On the go

July 23, 2016

On the go

Those who follow me and my style know about my affection for prints. Prints and colors are the two things I can’t imagine my style without. The dress that I’m showing in this look today is one of those dresses that I would wear anyday. It’s that kind of a dress which I immediately pick from my closet if I am in an on the go mood or even when I’m feeling laid back. Continue Reading…


June 15, 2016


It’s summer. Hence, I was pretty much expecting the bright and sunny day but we always don’t get what we hope for. So suddenly the rain came in. However, the look that I was wearing kept the brightness alive amidst gloomy weather due to its colors. Continue Reading…

color blocking

June 10, 2016

color blocking

A big hello there! I know I have not been quite regular to post these days but I’m all set to make a comeback where I’ll be posting more regularly. I have a lot of exciting time in store which I’m sure everyone’s gonna love. Continue Reading…


April 19, 2016

sci-fi – sci fi shows, science fiction, sci fi costumes, sci fi fashion

This week is all about fun and brightness. Be it the vibe of the biggest music festival Coachella at Palm Springs in Los Angeles or a thousand miles away where I am now, it’s fun-filled everywhere. My best friend visited me this week and made it so special and joyous to me. It was amazing to see her after years and we drove around the city, strolled, and took pictures (I have shared some selfies on Instagram and I’ll reveal many other pictures soon). Continue Reading…

Hello there

March 31, 2016

Hello there

Hello there! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I had a fun weekend too (I hope you had seen my Easter Bunny role on Snapchat… haha). It was a good celebration and on Sunday, we did a wacky shoot too on a celebratory mood (as you have seen on Snapchat). However, this week seems a lot more productive. I’m looking forward to a lot of things. Continue Reading…

metallic dress lover

January 29, 2016

Metallic dress lover – golden shimmer dress, metallic outfits, skin tight dresses, bodycon shape dress

It’s Friday and I feel groovy. I believe it’s a perfect time to talk about my love-affair. To be single is actually a lot of fun as I think I have time to explore myself well and also, I can discuss about my love-affair with everyone candidly. No inhibition, no fear!
So, now talking about love-affair, I would say that I’m feeling deep connection with metallic dresses currently. The metallic dress defines exactly who I am!! It’s shining from outside, soft from inside. Continue Reading…

Brighter winter

January 9, 2016

Brighter winter – Levi’s, Forever 21, Burberry, zara,  MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Tissot

I know a few of you are really jealous of a rather warm weather I’m having here in my city and wearing one shoulders in the mid-day. But it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten how cold it is elsewhere! I care about all the followers of mine who are based in Europe and colder regions of USA, Canada or other places around the world. Hence, I have decided to maintain a good balance while showing the two sides of this look in a brighter way. A few of the pictures would suit the neutral weather and a few of them would be winter appropriate. Continue Reading…

layering game

December 5, 2015

layering game – layer, layered, how to layer clothes

One thing that becomes necessary in our fall look is layering. The quick transformation in the weather this season is sometimes difficult to assume. The warmth in the presence of sun and slight cool vibe post sunset makes us think about how to layer our outfit wisely so that we can deal with the transformation between warm and cool vibe. Continue Reading…

top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category

October 17, 2015
top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category

top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category – Valentino, River Island, Steve Madden, Zanotti, ASOS, Alexander Mcqueen, Prada, Zara, Alexander Wang

Strappy Sandals are every fashion lover’s favorite. It’s sleek in design and it offers outstanding style statement. Previously we discussed about many trendy shoes and made the list of top 10 flat gladiator sandals and best mule shoes. Today we have decided to cover another category of shoes. So we are writing a blog on top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category. We are creating a list of best 20 Strappy Sandals to ensure you keep all the stylish shoes in your closet. Continue Reading…

simply smart

October 14, 2015
simply smart

simply smart – Nasty Gal, Zara, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, ASOS, Nordstrom

There are a few days when we don’t like to play dress up games and just rely on simple things. While displaying a simple look, usually we pick a few stuffs that are sporty, attractive and simply smart. This look is all about that. Continue Reading…