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February 4, 2016

meeting – stalkbuylove, asos

I am currently loving this weather after acute winter. The reason for loving this weather is the ‘sun factor’. When there’s the presence of bright sun during the daytime, it becomes easier to head for an early daytime meeting. Also the slight warmth allows us to get rid of the layers of winterwear and then a full sleeve dress looks just fine. Thankfully these 2-3 days are all about bright sun and less cold. Continue Reading…

Brighter winter

January 9, 2016

Brighter winter – Levi’s, Forever 21, Burberry, zara,  MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Tissot

I know a few of you are really jealous of a rather warm weather I’m having here in my city and wearing one shoulders in the mid-day. But it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten how cold it is elsewhere! I care about all the followers of mine who are based in Europe and colder regions of USA, Canada or other places around the world. Hence, I have decided to maintain a good balance while showing the two sides of this look in a brighter way. A few of the pictures would suit the neutral weather and a few of them would be winter appropriate. Continue Reading…

casual attire

November 16, 2015

casual attire – Super casuals casual elegant casual fashion casual classics

Hey guys! It’s Monday today and a new week is waiting for us. I know a lot has happened around the world over the past few days and they clearly don’t give us a pretty picture. We are observing how humanity is being destroyed everyday. We are praying for World Peace but everyday we are getting to hear about millions who are suffering. Continue Reading…

back to school

August 25, 2015
back to school

back to school – outfits, ASOS, Tissot

Hi everyone! I took a little break last week as I really needed to rest and get a boost from inside. I’m glad to say that I have got that boost already. It’s not really about physical boost, it’s actually about mental boost. I consulted the second doctor with the same problem and she assured me that the medicines given by her is perfect to cure my problem. She further added that it’s just a minor issue and there is nothing to worry about. I’m feeling like jumping for joy. This look clearly describes the mood as well. I feel like A child who’s back to school. Continue Reading…

forever chic look

July 3, 2015
forever chic look

forever chic look – Revolve Clothing, ZARA, Steve madden, Tissot

Love it or hate it. The mood in the summer season switches in a few moment. The sunny weather suddenly turns into cloudy and a bright sun disappears to bring in the downpour. Sometimes it’s wise to flaunt a few forever chic stuffs in this season. And if we think about a forever chic look, the first thing that comes into everyone’s mind is a black dress. Continue Reading…

easy breezy summer

June 24, 2015

easy breezy summer – Zara, Forever21, Guess, Tissot

It was an easy breezy summer day for me. You can figure it out easily from my look. Yes, I was in a mood to display a tropical look that day. Hence, I picked two tropical favourites – a leopard print short jumpsuit (yes, I’m eyeing on a palm printed jumpsuit which I think would be ultimate and definitive but this leopard print one is flirty and lively too). Continue Reading…

dress like a flower child

June 4, 2015
dress like a flower child

dress like a flower child – Zara, Guess, Tissot

Dressing is an art. Those who love dressing put in a lot of thought to it.We use our creative mind thinking how to dress like a real fashionista or a show stopper dressing up for the parties or how to present a bohemian look or even how to dress like a punk rocker or like a diva on date or how to display a business all black look or a chic look in basics or  a nature girl look. Today I share with you how to dress like a flower child. This innovative look would make the world around you a little more beautiful. Continue Reading…

shades of grey

April 18, 2015
shades of grey

shades of grey – shades of gray, Levi’s, Guess, RayBan, Tissot

You can easily say that this look is inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey as you can easily notice a few shades of grey here. This is one of my favourite on-the-go looks in spring. I always say, basics are not really basic Continue Reading…

between meetings

March 12, 2015
between meetings

between meetings – ASOS, ALDO, Tissot

The day was really busy and a few meetings were lined up. It was very hectic and I was all drained that day, However between meetings, I made sure I share the look with you on Instagram, Facebook and my newly opened Twitter handle on the very same day itself. It’s lovely to read all the comments about my look on the social media channels. It acts as a source of encouragement and gives me so many points to take into my account.

Continue Reading…

mix business look

January 12, 2015
business look

mix business look – Steve Madden, Charles & Keith, Tissot, Tommy Hilfiger

After taking a break for a couple of days because of New Years Eve & the first day of the year, it was a working weekend for me. So, I decided to mix the vibe that day. Since it was a working Sunday, I ensured I flaunt a mix business look. I wore a formal look (well, partially) with a black formal outfit. I teamed up the LBD or my formal little black dress with the winter essential like a warm faux fur coat to beat the cold which is definitely chic but not-too-formal.

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