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spring has sprung

March 5, 2016
spring has sprung

spring has sprung – primaverile

So, the Spring has sprung. We have entered the season of showing bright colors with a bit of cold protection.
Full sleeve long length coat, tights and covered ankle boots are ruling the major part of the closet at this moment. Continue Reading…

best colored denim for spring

February 25, 2016

best colored denim for spring – ASOS, Revolve Clothing, Ralph lauren, Nordstrom, Topshop

So winter is over. Now we have entered spring where instead of the layers of clothes in neutral and plaid, cute colors will be on display. Since denim is our companion for all seasons and its comfy statement makes it too hard to resist, the street style of spring will be best defined with denims in Spring colors. Continue Reading…

winter essentials

January 19, 2016

winter essentials – Asos, Nasty Gal, Levi’s, Nordstrom

Cold vibe is in full swing these days. What to wear in this cold weather is always a point to discuss. As we know the primary focus of dressing is protection from cold but we always want to reflect a chic statement through our winter outfit ideas, don’t we? So today I’m discussing about a few chic winter essentials. Continue Reading…

Printed skirt for Christmas Holiday

December 27, 2015
Printed skirt for Christmas Holiday

Printed skirt for Christmas Holiday – Topshop,  Nordstrom, Shopbop, Ted Baker, Moschino, Nasty gal, Discount

Merry Christmas to all of you. As we are busy unboxing our presents on Boxing Day, I must remind you of the sales on New Years. I know a lot of you are planning holidays too. So keeping that in mind, I’m focusing on something which is pretty interesting kind of an outfit for the vacation days. A printed skirt. Yes, the vibrance of this outfit is unparalleled while considering a holiday too. I’m pointing on a few edgy cuts and designs which would define your Christmas holiday look the best way. So here I show you a few printed skirt for Christmas holiday. Scroll below. Continue Reading…

best mary jane shoes for fall winter

December 8, 2015

best mary jane shoes for fall winter – office shoes, beautiful shoes, shoe shop

Covered shoes are our close buddies during fall winter. Mari Jane shoes usually become our top pick this season if we are dressing to occasions. During this season, we emphasize on the festive vibe. Keeping in mind various cocktail parties lined up on Christmas and New Year, we usually look for the best Mary Jane pair which is covered and comfortable. Continue Reading…

best printed shoes for fall winter

November 28, 2015

best printed shoes for fall winter – leopard print shoes , floral print shoes , 3d printed shoes

A big hello to everyone! Hope you are having a great week. We have just entered to festival feeling and the mood is up. We are all set to shop keeping the festive days and also the fall winter season in mind. So we are definitely looking for covered shoes specially for this season. Continue Reading…

best backpacks on black friday sale

November 27, 2015

best backpacks on black friday sale – Thanksgiving Day, black friday sales, black friday deals

Yes, it’s holiday season. So we must be getting all set with the right accessories. So the small holiday packers / backpacks are definitely something we are looking out for.
Hence, my blog comes at a right time. Just prior to the holiday season when you are making your mind to search for good backpacks, my blog is here to help you. Find the List of Best Backpacks on Black Friday Sale. We share the best carrier bags and holiday packers for vacations which include backpacks along with small luggage and bucket bags. Oh yes, we care about your pocket. So we have specially included them which are available on best deals. Continue Reading…


November 24, 2015

Layers – layer, layer & layers

A new week has arrived on a high note and I can’t thank you enough for helping me restart it off in style. Life is so unpredictable. In all these days I realized one fact. There are different layers in life and each of them has its own individuality. Every single phase carries their own significance. Sometimes we feel tedious and sometimes some expected development totally makes us surprised… in a good way or bad. Continue Reading…

top colourful fall winter spring shoes

November 19, 2015

top colourful fall winter spring shoes – pump shoes wiki, ladies footwear, обувь, shoe discount

It’s fall. We are clearly feeling the gradual arrival of winter in the wind. Keeping the forthcoming season in mind and of course, the presence of slightly cold vibe in the air, we are already inclined towards covered shoes. Continue Reading…

casual attire

November 16, 2015

casual attire – Super casuals casual elegant casual fashion casual classics

Hey guys! It’s Monday today and a new week is waiting for us. I know a lot has happened around the world over the past few days and they clearly don’t give us a pretty picture. We are observing how humanity is being destroyed everyday. We are praying for World Peace but everyday we are getting to hear about millions who are suffering. Continue Reading…