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Sporty chic

May 2, 2016
Sporty chic

Sporty chic – fashion sport, sport chic, sport fashion

Spring-Summer time is definitely play time. It’s time to wear lighter dresses, light makeup and enjoy the minimalism. One of the important things that the season requires is a backpack where the necessary things can be kept. This sporty chic look I’m describing here is all about that. The minimalism is at its best here. Continue Reading…

Hello there

March 31, 2016

Hello there

Hello there! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I had a fun weekend too (I hope you had seen my Easter Bunny role on Snapchat… haha). It was a good celebration and on Sunday, we did a wacky shoot too on a celebratory mood (as you have seen on Snapchat). However, this week seems a lot more productive. I’m looking forward to a lot of things. Continue Reading…

Brighter winter

January 9, 2016

Brighter winter – Levi’s, Forever 21, Burberry, zara,  MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Tissot

I know a few of you are really jealous of a rather warm weather I’m having here in my city and wearing one shoulders in the mid-day. But it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten how cold it is elsewhere! I care about all the followers of mine who are based in Europe and colder regions of USA, Canada or other places around the world. Hence, I have decided to maintain a good balance while showing the two sides of this look in a brighter way. A few of the pictures would suit the neutral weather and a few of them would be winter appropriate. Continue Reading…

choose the right sunglass frames according to the shape of the face

July 16, 2015

choose the right sunglass frames according to the shape of the face – Ray Ban, Miu Miu, Oakley, Dior, MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Prada, Tory Burch, Valentino

As we discussed about sunglasses, many of the people asked me about how to choose the right sunglass frames that suit their faces. Important question is asked! The shape of the face plays a major role in picking the best suited frames. A wisely chosen frame compliments the face like no other. In the physical store, you still have the choice to try a few options and pick what actually suits you. But you don’t get the same opportunity when you are buying sunglasses online. Continue Reading…

top 10 sunglasses for men to drive women attention

July 9, 2015

top 10 sunglasses for men to drive women attention – RayBan, Gucci, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Ferragamo

Hello guys! Ok, so after a lot of requests from you, I have taken your suggestions. Oh yes, I listen to all of you because you are behind the growth of Twinkle in Trendz. If you were not here, we would have never thought of having 100K followers on Instagram in just 11 months. However, as a reward of following and supporting us on Instagram, Facebook (where I have got repeated requests to write about Men’s Fashion) and Twitter, we are now opening a new section ‘Guys Special’ just for Men’s. Continue Reading…

pastel fashion

June 23, 2015

pastel fashion – ASOS, Michael Kors, Ted Baker, TopShop, Marc by Marc Jacobs, kate spade

Pastel is the new black. It seems to have come to challenge black to stay perpetually in trend. Pastel fashion or  the usage of pastel shades in the fashion accessories and outfit is increasing rapidly. Fashionistas around the world are becoming pretty affectionate to it off late. I love to call pastel shades the ‘jack of all trades’. Pastel color is becoming more popular primarily because this color elegantly blends with every look of us – from the business look to casual hang out look to date look to party look. It has a sophisticated vibe which stands out in every occasion. Continue Reading…