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best shoes in monochrome fashion

February 3, 2016

best shoes in monochrome fashion – white and black fashion, monocrome, mono fashion

If you are preferring neutral tones for a day, then I’m sure you are having monochrome in your mind too. Monochrome fashion has got into us remarkably well these days. From the outfits to bags to shoes, a little touch of monochrome fashion is going a long way.

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best metallic shoes for Valentine’s Day

January 28, 2016

best metallic shoes for Valentine’s Day – metallic silver shoes, gold shoes, shiny shoes, metallic sandals

So Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and when it comes to date night, there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. How to create a perfect look for the special day or how to impress your loved one is always something you keep thinking about. To make your task easier, today I’m talking about the shoes that you can wear on your date night. Metallic shoes are in trend and if you want to Continue Reading…

how to give your look in monochrome a little edge

January 12, 2016
how to give your look in monochrome a little edge

how to give your look in monochrome a little edge – Givenchy Diane Von Kate Spade

Consider yourself a fashionista? Then you might just be a lover monochrome trend too. Yes, this contemporary trend is being contemplated by all the fashion conscious divas these days. The combination of black and white has always been popular. In the recent days, it’s topping the list of all major shopaholics. Continue Reading…

best red shoes for Christmas and New Year party

December 25, 2015
best red shoes for Christmas and New Year party

best red shoes for Christmas and New Year party

Having Christmas in your mind? Looking for perfect shoes to wear on Christmas? Trying to search that best pair which would make a deadly combination with that red dress of yours? Here I quickly give you a few options of best red shoes for Christmas and New Year party. Red is the color of love, joy and celebration. So try to quickly get the perfect and best red shoes for Christmas and New Year as your celebration might not be completed without one of these gorgeous pairs. Continue Reading…

best printed shoes for fall winter

November 28, 2015

best printed shoes for fall winter – leopard print shoes , floral print shoes , 3d printed shoes

A big hello to everyone! Hope you are having a great week. We have just entered to festival feeling and the mood is up. We are all set to shop keeping the festive days and also the fall winter season in mind. So we are definitely looking for covered shoes specially for this season. Continue Reading…

best backpacks on black friday sale

November 27, 2015

best backpacks on black friday sale – Thanksgiving Day, black friday sales, black friday deals

Yes, it’s holiday season. So we must be getting all set with the right accessories. So the small holiday packers / backpacks are definitely something we are looking out for.
Hence, my blog comes at a right time. Just prior to the holiday season when you are making your mind to search for good backpacks, my blog is here to help you. Find the List of Best Backpacks on Black Friday Sale. We share the best carrier bags and holiday packers for vacations which include backpacks along with small luggage and bucket bags. Oh yes, we care about your pocket. So we have specially included them which are available on best deals. Continue Reading…

best ballerina

October 23, 2015

best ballerina – balerina, Chloé, Steve Madden, ASOS, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Ferragamo, Moschino, Valentino

Ballerina Shoes may not always have to be your favourite but if you take the easy going and comfort factor into consideration, they top the list. So these pairs are best for everyday style. Hence, I have decided to select best ballerina shoes and make a list to share with you so that you can have a look at the best pairs before picking some for yourself. Continue Reading…

best shoes in abstract prints

September 8, 2015
top printed shoes

best shoes in abstract prints – ASOS, Kate Spade, Top Shop, River Island, Revolve Clothing

Gone are those days when we used to flaunt prints in our dresses. As far as the latest trends are concerned, a pair of printed shoes is such an eye-candy! A well-crafted fashion accessory can actually make a look extraordinary. An abstract printed pair of heels is doing just that. It is extremely appealing among all fashionistas. Continue Reading…

autumn fall top picks

September 3, 2015
autumn fall top picks

autumn fall top picks- ASOS, TopShop, Nordstrom, Kate Spade

Hey everyone! Summer is gone and now autumn fall seasons are approaching (can’t believe it’s already day 3 of autumn). Many of us sadly bid adieu to summer but we should always be prepared to embrace the new. Along with welcoming the new season, we need to welcome (or rather need to bring) a few changes in our wardrobe as well. I’m always excited to bring change to my wardrobe though. In my wardrobe’s case, change is constant. Continue Reading…

pastel fashion

June 23, 2015

pastel fashion – ASOS, Michael Kors, Ted Baker, TopShop, Marc by Marc Jacobs, kate spade

Pastel is the new black. It seems to have come to challenge black to stay perpetually in trend. Pastel fashion or  the usage of pastel shades in the fashion accessories and outfit is increasing rapidly. Fashionistas around the world are becoming pretty affectionate to it off late. I love to call pastel shades the ‘jack of all trades’. Pastel color is becoming more popular primarily because this color elegantly blends with every look of us – from the business look to casual hang out look to date look to party look. It has a sophisticated vibe which stands out in every occasion. Continue Reading…