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spring has sprung

March 5, 2016
spring has sprung

spring has sprung – primaverile

So, the Spring has sprung. We have entered the season of showing bright colors with a bit of cold protection.
Full sleeve long length coat, tights and covered ankle boots are ruling the major part of the closet at this moment. Continue Reading…

start of spring

February 22, 2016

start of spring

Spring is a perfect season for all fashionistas. Now we are slowly coming out of our winter layers and welcoming our long sleeves, quarter sleeves etc. at the start of spring. I love to get spring ready as it allows me to wear my pretty dresses again. It’s an ultimate season to show the pieces that I love the most. Vibrant colors and amazing prints are the things that compliment me and my style and the season of spring perfectly matches my collection of favorite clothes. So my spring favorite stuffs are pretty much my eternally favorite stuffs. Continue Reading…

Top Thanksgiving day and Black Friday gift ideas

November 25, 2015

Top Thanksgiving day and Black Friday gift ideas Sale , Discount, online

Hi everyone! Thanksgiving day is just around the corner followed by Black Friday. So I’m all set to give thanks to all those who really matter to my life, specially you all. My life is complete with your presence, so the purpose of thanking you is bigger than the biggest. Continue Reading…


October 26, 2015

red – guess, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Nordstrom, Revolve Clothing

Hey everybody! It seems the weather is changing very fast from autumn to fall and now we can feel winter isn’t far too. Anything can be worn during the daytime when the sun is out but we are clearly feeling the need to add the layers in the late afternoon / evening these days. I have shot this look in red a few weeks back under broad sunlight. Continue Reading…

easy breezy summer

June 24, 2015

easy breezy summer – Zara, Forever21, Guess, Tissot

It was an easy breezy summer day for me. You can figure it out easily from my look. Yes, I was in a mood to display a tropical look that day. Hence, I picked two tropical favourites – a leopard print short jumpsuit (yes, I’m eyeing on a palm printed jumpsuit which I think would be ultimate and definitive but this leopard print one is flirty and lively too). Continue Reading…

dress like a flower child

June 4, 2015
dress like a flower child

dress like a flower child – Zara, Guess, Tissot

Dressing is an art. Those who love dressing put in a lot of thought to it.We use our creative mind thinking how to dress like a real fashionista or a show stopper dressing up for the parties or how to present a bohemian look or even how to dress like a punk rocker or like a diva on date or how to display a business all black look or a chic look in basics or  a nature girl look. Today I share with you how to dress like a flower child. This innovative look would make the world around you a little more beautiful. Continue Reading…

shades of grey

April 18, 2015
shades of grey

shades of grey – shades of gray, Levi’s, Guess, RayBan, Tissot

You can easily say that this look is inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey as you can easily notice a few shades of grey here. This is one of my favourite on-the-go looks in spring. I always say, basics are not really basic Continue Reading…

winter look

February 20, 2015
winter look

winter look – winter looks, Levi’s, Guess, Seiko, Oakley

Hello everyone! It’s been long since I posted a blog. So today I come up with a go-to winter look with some pieces to reckon with. I took a little break in the middle to work on many stuffs to present Twinkle In Trendz to you in a better way. 

In the meantime, I have got more reasons than one that brought big smile on my face. Twinkle In Trendz completed its 6 months in the blogging sphere. Along with that, we have completed 25k followers on Instagram, 10k likes on Facebook. We have launched our Twitter account to get a step close to communicating with you.

Continue Reading…

christmas mood in Red

December 7, 2014
christmas mood

christmas mood in Red – Levi’s, guess, forever21, DKNY

Yes, the favourite month of mine has arrived. December is magical. I love it in many ways apart from the fact that my birthday and christmas both come in this month. Though I love the special birthday and  christmas mood of December, there are various reasons for me to love this month .

the 90s basics

November 26, 2014
the 90s basics

the 90s basics – 90s fashion, 90s clothes, 90s, 90s outfit, Guess, Tag Heuer, Oakley

A big hello to all of the followers and readers out there. Well, this warm greet from my side is evident as I can’t suppress the happiness from inside. Yes, I can’t believe that I have more than 10,000 beautiful people following me on Instagram and close to 5,000 on Facebook in just a few months. The roller coaster ride since August is incredible as it’s created a lot of happy memories with you. So today I go back while displaying the clothes from the 90s and sharing some old (Twinkle in Trendz’s beginning days) memories.

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