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Monochrome style for the Valentine

February 14, 2016

Monochrome style for the Valentine –  monochrome fashion, monochrom, monocrome

OMG, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Oh wait, tomorrow’s Sunday.
In no way I’m gonna dress up on a Sunday just to hang out with my beloved.
Why not a cozy lunch at home?
Will it be too boring?
Or if I go out, how about a minimalistic look? I don’t feel like dressing up on a Sunday. Continue Reading…

Brighter winter

January 9, 2016

Brighter winter – Levi’s, Forever 21, Burberry, zara,  MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Tissot

I know a few of you are really jealous of a rather warm weather I’m having here in my city and wearing one shoulders in the mid-day. But it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten how cold it is elsewhere! I care about all the followers of mine who are based in Europe and colder regions of USA, Canada or other places around the world. Hence, I have decided to maintain a good balance while showing the two sides of this look in a brighter way. A few of the pictures would suit the neutral weather and a few of them would be winter appropriate. Continue Reading…

summer chic

May 12, 2015
summer chic

summer chic – Street style chic, Levi’s, Zara, Forever 21, ASOS, DKNY, Magnum

It was about last weekend when I was in my casual mood. As you can clearly see, I am wearing a summer chic look and there is barely any make up in this look. Oh yes, it’s summer, it’s weekend and I just wanted to give the make up look a miss. Continue Reading…

nature girl

April 27, 2015
nature girl

Nature girl – Mango, Forever21, Nordstrom, DKNY

Nature girl – Yes, there’s a lot of bad things going on in India and primarily in the neighbourhood country Nepal which has made us pretty scared and shattered. We are feeling like Mother Nature is extremely angry with us & alarming us to not misuse the gifts that she has offered us. We felt the tremors for two consecutive days & our neighbourhood country Nepal is worst affected since it was the epicenter of the earthquake. Continue Reading…

birthday girl

December 20, 2014
birthday girl

birthday girl – ASOS, Aldo, froever 21, tag heuer

It was an amazing day yesterday and the birthday feeling is not yet sunken for this birthday girl . :p It’s all the more special because most of you may not know that it’s not only my birthday but also my elder sister’s birthday. To add to your surprise, we are not twins too. Continue Reading…

little doll dress

October 5, 2014
little doll dress

little doll dress – Zara, Guess, Forever 21, Seiko

It was a wonderful day and I was a little inspired by the ‘Barbie Show’ conducted by Moschino in the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week Hence I picked up this little denim doll dress which has a ‘doll’ vibe in it. Since it was a day to unwind and sit by the lake, the mood absolutely matched the attire I picked.

Continue Reading…

completion of a month it was time to shine

September 7, 2014
completion of a month it was time to shine

completion of a month it was time to shine – Revolve Clothing, Steve madden, forever 21, Tissot, Oakley, Aldo

It was the completion of a month of my website on 1st of September 2014. Time just flew by and the love that I have received from the social networking platforms like Facebook & Instagram touched my heart. The way my lilttle baby was embraced by you was beyond my imagination. I just hope you keep the support and love it more in the coming days.

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