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Best summer nail polish

April 21, 2016

Best summer nail polish – perfect summer, nail polish canada, nail tek

During the summer season, we prefer to use light colors. Whether it’s about the dresses we choose to wear or the accessories we choose to add with our summer looks, the light colors look pleasant and easy going. During the summer season, it’s always recommended to go laid back and laid-back begins with cooler shades.
If you want to add a few nail polish that go well with your comfy summer looks in white, pale or pastels, here is our best summer nail polish picks. Continue Reading…

best leather jackets for spring

April 2, 2016

best leather jackets for spring – women in leather, leather jacket styles

Spring is the season where the style statement is apparently chic because now we can avoid huge layering underneath and can embrace the romantic vibe of weather so eagerly. The little nip in the air is always enjoyable before a sweaty summer. Continue Reading…

Brighter winter

January 9, 2016

Brighter winter – Levi’s, Forever 21, Burberry, zara,  MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Tissot

I know a few of you are really jealous of a rather warm weather I’m having here in my city and wearing one shoulders in the mid-day. But it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten how cold it is elsewhere! I care about all the followers of mine who are based in Europe and colder regions of USA, Canada or other places around the world. Hence, I have decided to maintain a good balance while showing the two sides of this look in a brighter way. A few of the pictures would suit the neutral weather and a few of them would be winter appropriate. Continue Reading…

Top 10 glitter nail polish for Christmas Party

December 9, 2015

Top 10 glitter nail polish for Christmas Party – gel nails, gel nail polish, nails art

Ahh, it’s the first week of December and everyone’s discussing Christmas. I was going to write almost before ‘everyone’ but somehow I restrained myself because if I wrote almost everyone, I would have meant there are a few who have not started to discuss Christmas yet (counting me too in the list). Let’s be honest, I’m a shopper throughout the year. Continue Reading…

Top Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Gifts for Men

November 26, 2015

Top Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Gifts for Men – Sale, Discount

As promised, I am back with another Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday special blog. After discussing the top gift ideas for women, this time it’s for the guys. I am going to share the Best Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Gift Ideas for Men. Make your loved ones happy by popping these beautiful gifts during this Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. As lucrative Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Sale is going on, it gives us every reason to become a shopper or a shopaholic. Continue Reading…

top belts for men

October 15, 2015

top belts for men – Burberry, ASOS, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Nordstrom

Okay guys! It’s been long since I wrote about you. So today I have decided to dedicate myself and my team to pick top belts for men.
Since the festive season is around the corner, our thoughtful mind showed concern about your look. We have decided to put up a blog about your favourite accessory … Waist Belt. Let us know if Continue Reading…

Best pink lipsticks for flirty look

August 19, 2015

Best pink lipsticks – Bobbi Brown, Dior, Nars, Chanel, Stila, MAC, Urban Decay, YSL, Yve Saint Laurent, Burberry

Hi Guys! I always have crush on pink. I think Pink is the best colour to show the sensuous, flirty and girly side in us. I totally rely on this colour irrespective of the season. Think about vibrance, think pink. Pink makes all kind of looks pretty adorable with its presence. Hence, today we are talking about best pink lipsticks for flirty look. Continue Reading…

types of umbrellas

June 20, 2015
types of umbrellas

types of umbrellas – umbrela, umbrell, aumbrella type, MARC JACOBS, Burberry, Diane Von, Kate spade

Who says fashion accessories start with shoes and extends to handbags, watches, sunglasses, cuffs, bracelets, rings, necklaces, headgears, hats etc etc? One of the very important and cute accessories of the summer monsoon season is Umbrellas. There are various types of umbrellas that are cute (often innovative in style) and they are efficient to catch the fancy of the people. Continue Reading…