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December 2, 2016


I know many of you got surprised when I chose to be in an all-nude ensemble during the Paris Fashion Week. I have already told many times in the earlier blogs that I prefer colors and vivid ensembles over neutrals. But when I saw these neutral toned pieces in my closet, I thought of giving a shot at something new and packed them for my PFW journey. Continue Reading…

my style bags top picks this spring

March 26, 2016

my style bags top picks this spring – gaara naruto, naruto gaara

As soon as winter makes its exit and spring slowly arrives, we start focusing on the details of accessories. Whereas in winter, layering often overshadows the idea of bold colors and prints.

With the advent of spring, we get back to our high-spirited, energetic and vibrant self. Hence, if you are looking for the right luxury handbag which would give your go-to look a new twist, you just can’t miss these choices. Here is the my style bags top picks this spring for you. Continue Reading…

metallic dress lover

January 29, 2016

Metallic dress lover – golden shimmer dress, metallic outfits, skin tight dresses, bodycon shape dress

It’s Friday and I feel groovy. I believe it’s a perfect time to talk about my love-affair. To be single is actually a lot of fun as I think I have time to explore myself well and also, I can discuss about my love-affair with everyone candidly. No inhibition, no fear!
So, now talking about love-affair, I would say that I’m feeling deep connection with metallic dresses currently. The metallic dress defines exactly who I am!! It’s shining from outside, soft from inside. Continue Reading…

defining smartness

December 16, 2015
defining- martness

defining smartness

Oh yeah, Christmas is just around the corner, so is my birthday. But before it fully gets me into the mood, I’m currently relying on defining smartness through my casuals.

In fact, why not? If the casuals I’m wearing has got such an appealing vibe, I have all the reasons which are going in favor of choosing the apparel I’m wearing here. Apparently, these casual pieces are pretty chic and defines smart fashion from within. Continue Reading…

layering game

December 5, 2015

layering game – layer, layered, how to layer clothes

One thing that becomes necessary in our fall look is layering. The quick transformation in the weather this season is sometimes difficult to assume. The warmth in the presence of sun and slight cool vibe post sunset makes us think about how to layer our outfit wisely so that we can deal with the transformation between warm and cool vibe. Continue Reading…

best backpacks on black friday sale

November 27, 2015

best backpacks on black friday sale – Thanksgiving Day, black friday sales, black friday deals

Yes, it’s holiday season. So we must be getting all set with the right accessories. So the small holiday packers / backpacks are definitely something we are looking out for.
Hence, my blog comes at a right time. Just prior to the holiday season when you are making your mind to search for good backpacks, my blog is here to help you. Find the List of Best Backpacks on Black Friday Sale. We share the best carrier bags and holiday packers for vacations which include backpacks along with small luggage and bucket bags. Oh yes, we care about your pocket. So we have specially included them which are available on best deals. Continue Reading…

top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category

October 17, 2015
top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category

top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category – Valentino, River Island, Steve Madden, Zanotti, ASOS, Alexander Mcqueen, Prada, Zara, Alexander Wang

Strappy Sandals are every fashion lover’s favorite. It’s sleek in design and it offers outstanding style statement. Previously we discussed about many trendy shoes and made the list of top 10 flat gladiator sandals and best mule shoes. Today we have decided to cover another category of shoes. So we are writing a blog on top 20 iconic shoes in strappy sandals category. We are creating a list of best 20 Strappy Sandals to ensure you keep all the stylish shoes in your closet. Continue Reading…

top mule shoes with heels

July 4, 2015

top mule shoes with heels – Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Jeffrey Campbell, Nine West, Jessica Simpson

Summer is here and we are trying our best to flaunt the best of our summer wardrobe this year. When it comes to summer special shoes, mule shoes easily win our heart. The cut-out and peep-toe design of mules along with a comfortable fit is a clear winner to us. Some best mule shoes with heels create an extraordinary summer look. Continue Reading…