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A much-needed makeup and beauty dose. Sharing how to quickly get ready for regular as well as special events. Also discussing top beauty and makeup essentials i.e, a few must-haves in every girl’s make-up kit. Also get tips on hair ans skincare. I have also reviewed some lipsticks and luxury perfumes.

Halloween Makeup

October 31, 2016

And again it begins! I don’t know why I feel so excited about Halloween and spooky makeup! Maybe there is a goth inside me. I mean, I so totally love Halloween makeup and dress up. I love it as much as a witch does it. I never miss out on an opportunity to show you the gothic side of me on Halloween each year. Continue Reading…

Simple makeup tips for evening out

January 26, 2016

Simple makeup tips for evening out – MAC Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Urban Decay, Dior, L’Oreal Paris

Today I have decided to quickly share some simple makeup tips and some on-the-go makeup products of mine which I’m relying upon off late.

There comes some time when you would have to get ready for an evening meeting – be it a semi-formal meeting or just a casual get-together. Even though you know, you need to get your makeup done, there are times when you feel lazy about it. So instead of doing full-fledged makeup, you prefer minimalistic look for that day. Winter season comes up with some days like that to me. Winter season means laziness due to cold weather. Also, you know your makeup is going to be firmly in place since you are not sweating these days. So, you can afford using some simple makeup tips for evening out in the winters in particular. Continue Reading…

How to do smokey eye makeup

November 3, 2015
How to do a smokey eye makeup

How to do smokey eye makeup – MAC, Urban Decay, L’Oreal Paris

Hi everyone! It’s time to discuss a very popular makeup topic today. How to do smokey eye makeup? It’s very important to know this because a pair of smokey eyes overcome all other flaws for which you may lag behind. Smokey eye makeup instantly uplifts your whole party look. Continue Reading…

how to change a normal look to party look

October 9, 2015
how to change a normal look to party look

how to change a normal look to party look – MAC, Urban Decay, L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline

It’s Thursday and before the weekend, I thought of writing a makeup post for you. Today I share a few simple tips to on how to change a normal look to party look. Of course, I consider the fact that a few of you make a party plan on a Friday evening exactly on your way back home from work. So if you are left with no time in hand to get party ready, just follow these few simple steps. Continue Reading…

best fall nail polish

October 8, 2015
best fall nail polish

best fall nail polish – Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, NARS, Yves Saint Laurent

Autumn fall are two of those best seasons to flaunt colors. Not only do these two seasons offer brightness, but also they start bringing in the festive mood. The weather and its colorful lively vibe share a great chemistry. It’s pre-winter and the balance in the weather opens up the opportunity to try out things which are vibrant. Today we write about best fall nail polish that holds the same quality. Since, the autumn fall ranges of outfit, accessories & makeup always reflect the special charm, the nailpolish picked by us can’t be any different from that. Go through our list of best fall nail polish. Continue Reading…

Best pink lipsticks for flirty look

August 19, 2015

Best pink lipsticks – Bobbi Brown, Dior, Nars, Chanel, Stila, MAC, Urban Decay, YSL, Yve Saint Laurent, Burberry

Hi Guys! I always have crush on pink. I think Pink is the best colour to show the sensuous, flirty and girly side in us. I totally rely on this colour irrespective of the season. Think about vibrance, think pink. Pink makes all kind of looks pretty adorable with its presence. Hence, today we are talking about best pink lipsticks for flirty look. Continue Reading…

Smokey eye makeup in few minutes

August 13, 2015
Smokey eye makeup in few minutes

Smokey eye makeup in few minutes – MAC, Urban Decay, Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris

No matter how much hectic our schedule is, we always want to look fresh and fabulous when it comes to parties or evening get together or dinner dates. Smokey eye makeup is one of the top favourites of most of us as it looks gorgeous, fabulous and grabs good attention. Hence, today I share a few tips to get smokey eye makeup in few minutes. Continue Reading…

Christian Louboutin launches lipsticks, whoa!

August 8, 2015
Christian Louboutin launches lipsticks

Christian Louboutin launches lipsticks

Christian Louboutin the popular ‘red sole’ shoe brand is adding red lipsticks in their collections as well. Whoa! I’m so totally excited about it. To add to my excitement, it’s not only red, there are 38 different shades in their lipstick collections. There are 3 different lipstick textures available – Silky Satin, Sheer Voile and Velvet Matte whereas 20 of them are Silky Satin and Sheer Voile and Velvet Matte have 9 each to offer. Continue Reading…

day to night makeup tips

July 31, 2015
day to night makeup tips

day to night makeup tips –  MAC, Estée Lauder, Urban Decay, Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris

In this busy schedule, it’s important to stay perfectly presentable round o’clock and it’s more important to get things done quick. Today I’m writing a significant beauty post about day to night makeup tips. It is all about a mixed makeup look which can be worn from day to night. This day to night makeup tips will ensure you are ready for any event where you need to look perfect. 

Continue Reading…

what is my face shape

July 30, 2015
what is my face shape

what is my face shape – oval, oblong, heart, diamond, square and round

Shape of the face is one important parameter to determine which hairstyle or sunglasses or jewellery will compliment you. What is my face shape? Knowing it is really important for all the people who are conscious about presenting themselves the best way (and who doesn’t want to look good anyway?!). Continue Reading…