Being a fashionista means they need to have a lot of things in them.

1. They need to be knowledgeable which means they need to have an academic degree in fashion.

2. They need to have a model status to unveil the designer’s collection in the fashion week along with the supermodels or to constantly show the clothes coming straight from the runway on a daily basis in their lookbook.

3. They need to be born special (an assumption that comes out of nowhere).

Now, here comes the reality of me.

1.  I am a software engineer.

2. Well, I am 160cm short. ( Sure, you’ve heard people saying “I’m 180cm tall”. So, this is how I represent my height. Short is IN. Be it Short hair, short shorts or short height. 😉 )

3. This is the best point though. Of course, I am special. Till the age of 14, I loved wearing my brother’s clothes. My brother used to get so annoyed because of me. Whenever my parents brought him tees, jeans and hoodies, I swooped them saying I loved them more than what they brought for me. I preferred dressing up like a boy and emulate every person I came across. Quite an entertainer and very opposite to what you call feminine!

Now, I would not say that I wanted to break the stereotype. It’s just that I never believe in labeling. You can see the reflection of the same in my style too. That’s why you would see me in an economic piece from a random store to Hermès. I believe anything that I love wearing is a part of my style and very much fashionable.

I reckon being a significant part of fashion world does not depend on anything but the flair for fashion. It’s the love for the subject, the enthusiasm to be creative and the passion to set the goals and work towards it which offer success. The same is true to every profession and every aspect in life.

I am from a background where academics play a really important role. My grand dad, dad and uncles were all into the field of education and law, so it was natural that I was sent to engineering college to complete my B.Tech in Computer Science. I got very good grades there but I knew I wasn’t cut out for a 9 to 5 job in an IT firm. I was big time sports fanatic and after the completion of my degree, I decided to take up an internship for a news channel as a sports journalist instead of being a software developer / system administrator. Later, I got into sports management and became a manager of New Age Media. During that stint, I learnt a lot about digital media and how it influences the world! Soon after that, I realized that I was meant to do something more with this powerful tool than what I was doing. So, I decided to form Twinkle in Trendz and became an entrepreneur. I knew how impactful social media was to connect and establish a communication with the whole world! Gradually, I understood what a major force social media was and how significant platform it was to show the creativity to the world! I was aware of the challenges of being a global entrepreneur as I saw how my dad and uncle pursued entrepreneurship globally parallel to their professions! However, knowing the strength of good content on social media, I took the plunge. I left my job to form Twinkle in Trendz and fortunately, I never had to look back. Within the first one and a half year, I was started being considered as top 100 fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers worldwide.

I am a person who believes it’s not important to pay attention to stereotypes. It’s not important to chase success either. It’s important to be obsessed about the whole topic. It’s important to use that strong style sense to create a statement. It’s about being myself and being confident about who I am, what I do and what I wear. For that, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. Thankfully, I’m naturally slim but I put in effort to keep myself fit and healthy. I work out and keep my body ready to compliment anything that I wear and I think that’s what motivates me the most to experiment with a wide choice of clothing.

I think the best way to be successful is listening to the heart and be confident about what I do. I knew it wasn’t possible for me to form Twinkle in Trendz without the help of my siblings. So, I convinced my baby bro Avishek to take my photos and my sister Rinkle to administer the growth and activities of the website and social channels. I knew I needed their help in both creative and business side of it. However, I knew the road would not always be smooth and there were a lot of criticism too. I remember when some people just called it a hobby of someone like me who belong to a well-to-do family and others just argued that it was my excuse to encourage my shopping spree. I remember when everyone said it could never be a source of income. So, it’s really important to not let others judge or berate your ideas.

Now, when I look back, I feel so happy that I believed in me because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to call my dress up games or or sitting front row in the Fashion Weeks or my family vacations to exotic locales worldwide my work.

So, if you are planning to be a fashion blogger and skeptical about whether you should be one, just ask yourself if you are passionate enough! If the answer is yes, take your steps forward. If you want to know anything from me, I am always here to help.

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