I’m Twinkle Mukherjee. I’m originally from Calcutta, India and having my roots in Perth, Western Australia as both my uncle and dad lived there for long (specially uncle who lived there for some 50 years after staying in Singapore and Germany for some years). Naturally that made me grow up hearing stories and knowing about different nations, their cultures and lifestyle.

By education, I’m a graduate engineer. Computer Science was my subject which is nowhere close to fashion. Post my engineering education, I chose to do something very different from engineering. I did internship as a sports journalist. During my stint as a journo, my fashion sense had got widely appreciated. After that, I worked as a social media manager of many celebrity sports personalities. That time I discovered the beauty of the digital world!  I wanted to combine both the things that I started loving immensely i.e, fashion and digital world. Then I thought of writing about fashion and sharing it with the fashion lovers across the world through digital media. The idea was to feature my style diary and my own designed clothes to all the people around the world who love and appreciate fashion. The idea was to inspire them and vice-versa. The idea was to grow myself, my creativity and embracing the thing that I always wanted to do a little more tightly. And then, Twinkle in Trendz happened!

Indeed, I’m living my dream with all the love from you. While going through my Instagram diary, I feel really blessed to see the people from different countries commenting on the pictures (sometimes it gives me goosebumps when I come to see a follower from a country which I never heard of before). It makes me so excited when the people write in their native language, it makes me feel like I am a part of them. Twinkle in Trendz has made me a global citizen and I consider myself very lucky to have you all in my life.

  • செந்தில் நட்புடன்

    All oky but very carelesss….. only we have 2 take care f yr belongings

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    You are so nice person at heart. You are surely gonna go higher.

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    You deserve all the love, my angel!

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    Big like 😉