Magical moments

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Magical moments

Hey there! I know it’s been a while since I had written as I was a little occupied with a lot of new developments. Of course, I am so excited to share them with you in due time.
However, I made a visit to Thailand a few days back and so many of you from my social family wanted to meet up. I know I couldn’t get back to those who emailed/messaged me and I’m sorry for that.Actually it was not my first visit to Thailand, so I decided to explore more about this country and have a few more magical moments. That’s the reason I picked up some new points for this trip and arranging a meet up from there was a little difficult.

Contrary to my last visit which started from Bangkok and continued to Kamala Beach Phuket, I had begun this journey with Khao Lak and picked a tranquil location in Phuket instead of the downtown area. It was basically an isalnd called Naka Island. I heard the island belomged to Dragin king. There were a lot of wonderful mythological practices which was fun to take part in. I would be talking about them as well. But first, Khao Lak. It is a picturesque beach front village located close to Phang Nga. Phang Nga is about 80Kms away from Phuket Airport. Although it would have been very tiring to arrive in Phuket and again be driven for more than an hour, we were so blessed to find the limo of J W Marriott Resort in front of our eyes! That had really made the long drive extremely comfortable and enjoyable. We took pictures of the beautiful mountains, greeneries, wide and peaceful roads on our way to Khao Lak.

Once we reached Khao Lak, psychologically after seeing the comfy beds in our room, we were supposed to feel the fatigue of the air traveling! But wait, that was the magic of J W Marriott Khao Lak Resort and Spa! I almost made my mind that I would go to my room and take a nap for the rest of the day but there was something else in store for me and that something else was nothing but South East Asia’s largest pool.

The whole resort was connected with one thing and that’s the pool. Each of the villa in the resort had a pool view or a direct access to it. The pool goes on to connect with most of the parts of the resort. From bar cum restaurants to the other villas to infinity view with private beach and ocean in front of the eyes! When I reached my room and opened the door of my balcony to get access to the pool, it completely surprised me to discover that the private pool is actually the common pool that joins my villa with the whole resort. Well, I knew common road, foot path etc can connect my villa with other villas, restaurants, bars etc! But, wait, a pool?! That’s right. It’s actually a pool that you can use instead of a foot path to do a resort tour. Imagine how cool is that?!

The pool is such a major recreational area for all the guests because of its unique vibe.

Apart from spending time in the pool, I had some me-time at the private beach. Other than the private beach of the resort, the popular Khuk Khak beach at Phang Nga region is also tranquil in nature. The atmosphere in Phang Nga is perfect for those who are seeking serenity and at the same time looking for luxury. Ocean waves offer the ultimate sound to refresh the mind of mine. So, during my stay at Khao Lak, I made sure my workstation till midnight would be nothing but the beachfront sun lounging area. It was an ultimate pleasure to work while sitting on the easy chair and having breathtaking ocean in front of my eyes.

As I talk about the magical moments that I spent in Thailand, I can’t miss out on the other side of my exploration. Being a fitness enthusiast, I always wanted to learn Muay Thai and J W Marriott Khao Lak’s trainer was so happy to teach me the basics. I think I need to practice it at home quite frequently to master the art. But as an amateur too, I can say it’s pretty effective to stay fit and lean. Oh yes, after sweating it out at the Muay Thai class, I made sure I pamper myself with a fully relaxing Thai Spa at the resort.

The best part of my stay in Khao Lak was the unparalleled pleasure my aquatic soul had. I loved the sound of waves at the beachfront when I was working and loved the sound of the water flowing in the largest pool when I was lying down in my bed. Khao Lak was truly memorable.
After Khao Lak, we went to the pier point to go to Naka Island. Naka Island Phuket Resort’s private ferry was waiting for us at the peer point. The warmth of this Luxury Collection Resort staffs blew my mind instantly. Once we reached the resort of Naka Island Phuket, we loved its wonderful theme. It seemed we reached a whole new village in an island. All of the villas are designed like village huts. The lights are dim, the place is so serene with its calming effect. The sound of ocean waves and the view of it adds more heart warming vibe to it. As soon as we put our feet to this resort, we were told Dragon is the king of this village and we should let him know we were here so that he could protect us from everything. It was pretty unique welcome and we loved every bit of it.

The entire resort is designed as village huts and the lights are also put accordingly. We loved how they used to lit scented candles at the doorway and in the rooms. The lights in each of the villas also looked like village lanterns. The dim lights, ocean waves in a quiet environment and in dark, birds and insects chirping from day to night used to create an adventuruous environment and we thoroughly loved its thrill each day of our stay.

After Naka Island visit, we were off to Krabi. It was our first visit to Krabi and we could not be more grateful to nature as we had bright and sunny days all throughout our visit. I’ll betelling you more in my next blog.

Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.


Magical moments Magical moments

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  • Reshmi Ganguly

    I am going to Phuket next week and stay at J W Marriott Khao Lak. Can’t wait to take a few picture like yours.

  • Viva White

    Hello Twinkle! It’s been a long time to communicate with you, I hope you and your family are doing well. I am extremely happy to see your journey as a blogger day by day. You are an inspirational person for me. When I feel low, your content makes me feel good.Thanks for inspiring me to overcome any difficult situation. Lots of love. Viva.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I just looove your content. Everything is so classy and fabulous. Keep up the good work. Love from Miami.<3 <3

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    I love your Thailand travel post on Instagram and I loved each of them. I have visited Naka Island Phuket Resort’s as per your recommendation & I had a lovely stay at there. Thank you girlie. XX

  • Bianca Raymond

    Having the opportunity to travel and know and love other cultures is a privilege 🌺
    You have a beautiful blog and I love your Style.

  • Aliya Singh

    Wow! Wonderful article. I am always inspired with your travel photos. So inspirational.keep it up.

  • Priyanka Bajaj

    Such a great post! Love all your photos. We are planning to visit Thailand this year. I like J W Marriott Khao Lak Resort and Spa, love to visit this hotel.