So glad

August 15, 2017, by

As a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, I take a lot of inspiration from people nearby, social media, magazine and recently I have come across JMG Lifestyle Magazine. Soon, I turned into a regular reader of them because of the wonderful content that they share. Their lifestyle inspiration and interesting interviews caught my fancy really soon. 
It’s kind of become my regular activity to check out their website as it helps me with a lot of useful insights. As a perennial researcher of fine dining and smart real estates in posh localities, I simply know where to visit when I’m looking for some important information.

Today, I’m so glad to find that JMG Lifestyle Magazine has actually featured me at their website. I couldn’t be happier to wake up to this lovely surprise.

Find the article about Twinkle in Trendz at JMG Lifestyle Magazine here.


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  • Shivangi Kapoor

    Wow, i love it. You should be the cover of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar soon.

  • Julia Kristin

    I remember my best friend referred me to you. She wore a look in college which I liked and she said she took inspiration from one of your looks.

    A few months later, you are famous everywhere. X

  • Sarah Laurent

    ça doit être tellement cool. belle publication.

  • kayla Hadly

    So glad to see how far you have climbed up with your hard work.

  • Tommie

    Beautiful, where was so glad taken at, august 15th was my bday and have a similar picture…yet I am in a kayak.. Nice site wish you well!!

  • Marta


  • Colleen Watson

    I am so glad to see your progress. I am sure there is a lot more success in store for you. I have just one request, write more often.

  • Emma Simpson

    Fabulous article. It’s good to know that all of us are on the same page in regards to convincing our family for a new thing. But once they are convinced, they are the best support we can find.

  • Maria Torres

    This is so stunning. The images are perfect. Nice article.

  • Tulip Wahi

    Twinkle, you are a diva! Those pictures are flawless. I am equally glad to see your name going places.