Visit to Milano

April 4, 2017, by

Visit to Milano

As I mentioned in my MFW review blog, the journey began in a dramatic way. But once the crisis was over, it was an one of a kind experience with my family!
It was a really short visit to Milano but the beautiful Duomo Di Milano Cathedral is still in front of my eyes. I had a super fun time around Duomo Di Milano. I did a lot of shopping there too as that’s the hub of all brands. As I was eyeing some designer brands, I found my little paradise there. I visited la Rinascente which is a big mall with all the designer retails under one roof. Apart from the malls, there were a lot of luxury retails in the vicinity and that pretty much made me crazy.

Thankfully, my short stay in Milan was quite fruitful. Even though the visit further became shorter after we missed the flight and wasted one day, we could make the most out of it because of the location of our hotel. Hotel La Gare Milano was one of the fabulous properties under MGallery By Sofitel. We have already had a wonderful stay in one of the MGallery By Sofitel Hotels in Paris before, so it’s one of our trusted brands as far as a cozy stay is concerned. But honestly, the location of this hotel and the hospitality of the hotel was remarkable.

The hotel we stayed in was appropriate for people like us who have a hectic schedule throughout the whole day. The location of Lagare Hotel Milano Centrale is exactly at the centre. It helped us a lot as most of show venues were very close to the hotel. It’s a different level of comfort when you are staying at the hub of Milan. Talking about comfort, we were actually looking for supreme level of comfort when we reached the hotel with tremendous fatigue. Missing our flight and staying in the airport for hours took a toll on our body. It wasn’t easy spending 30-hours in the flight and airport, so you can understand what level of tiredness I’m talking about!  But we had a relaxing sleep at night there which got us prepared for the next day in full swing. I woke up the next day pretty late, skipped my breakfast to extend the sleeping hour (to me it was okay for that day as I was more tired than hungry). I made a short visit to their well equipped gym and planned the day while working out.

I know a lot of you can find it funny, but yes, I plan the day specially when I’m in the shower or at the gym and spa. Am I the only weird over here or is there anyone with me? I’ll read your comments to figure that out!!

Anyway, so after planning the day, I quickly got ready. Thankfully both the room and the bathroom of the hotel was spacious enough to accommodate all my clothes and make up. I feel thankful to the hotel staffs too who received my Fashion Week gifts on my behalf and kept it nicely at my room too.
I quickly picked my looks for the day and kept those products aside. I keep it decided even before my arrival because I know it turns to be very hectic at the time of Fashion Week, so it didn’t take long to complete that task.

After getting ready, I first visited Duomo Di Milano and got amazed by its charm.

After my Duomo Di Milano visit, I started off with Milan Fashion Week. It was my first visit to MFW, so I didn’t really have any idea about the traffic. I’m very bad with the roads too. As I did a slight miscalculation of a turn, my brother drove the car to a wrong route and we actually became very late and missed one of the biggest shows. Though I was regretting it so much at that time, it turned out as one of the memorable moments to me now. It has taught me a lot of things which will only help me grow in the coming days.

The next day, I planned to see around Milan between the shows. I went to Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie where me and my family saw Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing painting of The Last Supper.

Overall, my visit to Milano was satisfactory as I managed to fulfill both of my interest of covering Fashion Week and traveling around the city. I look forward to my next visits in the coming days to explore the city of Milan more.

Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.


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  • Colleen Watson

    I am late to comment. But you look really sweet.

  • Maria Torres

    This is so beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

  • Sophie

    I love your boyfriend coat. I am a fan of oversized items for winter in particular.

  • Emily Johnson

    No picture from any other parts of Italy? I love the breakfast table.

  • Shivangi Kapoor

    I went to Italy but I was not able to go to Milan because I didn’t have enough time to go there.But after going through your blog, I will definitely give it a try.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Lovely outfit! I also love the duomo so much! Have spent some time of my
    life in Milano when my bf visited there for a work project, most wonderful city in the
    world!!! Love your description so much gorgeous!!!

  • Shruti Patel

    Wonderful post. I like the interior of your hotel. Good choice.

  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    Welcome to my country beauty! I hope you enjoyed your trip. It would be lovely If I was able to meet with you. You are my inspiration , a wonderful guide who inspires me to start my new life. I will be always thankful to you. Kisses Valentina

  • Reshmi Ganguly

    I truly love your Milan blog. It’s so helpful for me. I am afraid to find a good hotel in Milan, now I can see that my search is over. Can I get any discount as your follower? I will be very happy if you recommend your followers like me some cool places where I can get authentic Italian food.

  • Priyanka Bajaj

    I had visited Duomo Milan cathedral with my mother. I was blown away with every
    little detail. Even the doors are heavily carved – amazing. I love your long coat. So graceful.

  • Tulip Wahi

    I love Duomo Cathedral. The place is so beautiful from outside and so serene from inside.
    Love your Milan Diary and I second you. My bathroom’s toilet seat is my thinking seat. Wish I could write my exam papers there!

  • Aliya Singh

    What an amazing outfit! Excellent photos as always and I love the bag so much, uouh!

  • Emma Simpson

    Bae, you can’t imagine how much I love reading your blogs! I maintain a small diary myself. Many of my friends call me old school, but it’s very close to my heart and I absolutely won’t stop doing it.

    While nurturing this hobby of mine, I would not deny I often take inspiration from your writing.
    I totally love how you share some of the personal things with us so beautifully! Funny how you wrote about the places where your brain works most efficiently!

    I am with you as well. Though I run out of breath and I can’t think about anything else when I’m at the gym! But shower is my place. I spend hours there and all the crazy thoughts come to my mind when I’m there mostly.

    Hope you’re reading this and counting me in your group.

  • Gisselle Villegas

    Beautiful inspirational photos! I love this dress and the way it looks on you. It is absolutely fabulous. Love the modern geometric & floral monochrome prints.

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    What an amazing Hotel! The decoration is so sweet and fresh!
    Love the combination of the printed dress with the orange heels!