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April 25, 2017, by

Creative mind


Summer is here. So, I’m excited to begin the tropical visits. I’m missing coconut trees, sand and ocean for a long time and the wait seems to be over now. I can begin taking out all my summer clothes and use my creative mind to create some avant-garde looks for this summer.
Meanwhile, let me share my Milan Fashion Week looks with you. In this blog, I’m sharing my look 1 & 2 in Milan Fashion Week.

As Fall Winter 17 was being showcased, the nip in the air was well present. So, we all got to dress as per the occasion in Milan.

But as someone who loves summer, I couldn’t keep myself away from summer vibe specially when I knew it was just around the corner. As a result, all my looks were reflecting the creative mind of an eternal summer lover. My aim was to showcase upcoming summer and tropical vibe and just include winterwear effortlessly on top of it.

Off late, I’m loving color pop in my look and I picked orange to pop in my first look and let blue do the magic in the second look. In look 1, I wore wide leg trousers in navy color and played with color orange for the rest of the look. I wore fur jacket on top, so I decided to be playful inside. I wore my bra and actually got pretty convinced that the bra itself could act like a top and dropped the idea of wearing an usual top or blouse. Floral print is so much my thing and the bikini top was just so vibrant with its emphatic mix of colors and the best part was it was popping orange among all the other colors. From there, I decided to keep orange as the color of the day and used the accessories in orange.
I wore my lace-up orange heels and orange mini bucket bag to combine with the outfit.

The fur jacket was nude and it was not interfering with the ensemble I created in any way. The jacket was warm and cozy. So I quickly wrapped it whenever I was feeling cold or the cold breeze was passing by and otherwise, it was a flirtatious look for spring as it was strongly hinting that the arrival of summer was just around the corner.

For the second look too, I kept summer’s tropical vibe and color pop styling in mind. I, of course wore a long coat to beat the cold. But I kept the perky spirit. I teamed the long coat with a Heidi Klein Palm Spring style monokini. The blue print on white one piece had persuaded me to pick blue for that day. I created a chemistry with blue accessories in that look. I used my blue Givenchy Antigona handbag, blue sunglasses to exhibit the power of blue in that look. I just kept the winter accessories neutral with ash long coat in black stripes and black over-the-knee boots.

If you believed winter was all about creating patent and boring looks, think again! You can actually be as quirky as summer in the winter season too. All you need to do is just using your creative mind!

Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.

Outfit details:
Look 1:
Fur Jacket : Lavish Alice or Similar
Wide Leg Trousers : NA-KD
Bikini top: Triangl Similar or Similar
Bag : Marc Jacobs
Shoes : Sante Similar or Similar

Look 2:
Long Coat : Lavish Alice
Monokini/one piece : Heidi Klein
Bag: Givenchy
Boots: NA-KD
Sunglass : Le Specs Similar


Look 2


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  • Shivangi Kapoor

    You look like a VS model walking down the street. Such a stunner!

  • Colleen Watson

    Thanks for sharing a new way of wearing swimwear. It looks like a must try.

  • Maria Torres

    I am the pop of Orange tone and Blue in both of the looks. It is such a beautiful use of colour popping concept.

  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    The looks you were sporting was brave. I am not saying because you were wearing a monokini or bralette in your streetstyle but because of the weather. It was really cold at the time of your visit.
    I pay respect to your courage.

  • Gisselle Villegas

    Beautiful pictures and awesome vibe, So inspiring! You’re so beautiful and creative! And I’m such a big fan of yours

  • Reshmi Ganguly

    Love your monokini in vibrant blue prints. That’s an interesting styling idea. But it might not be perfect for streets.

  • marian

    I love your style!

  • Tulip Wahi

    I love your Fashion Week looks specially because of your creative thought. It’s unique.

  • Shruti Patel

    Wow! these looks are stunning! I have always dreamed on being experimenting different looks like this.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Aww! So much glamor !!!Love and adore both of your looks!!! can’t wait to see more.

  • Sophie

    I agree with Yumi Miyamoto but I think even now she mixes luxury with economic options well. As a suggestion, I would love to add that it would be great if you post a few similar items which look like your luxury items. Then, people of both groups could be happy.
    P.S: I am happy with what you post anyway. Love the color of your Givenchy Antigona. Antigona suits your personality.

  • Yumi Miyamoto

    Off late, your style changed from economy to luxury designer brands. Most of the brands are expensive and as a girl who isn’t earning, it has become difficult to wear the exact look as yours. I hope you post a few more of the total looks in economic range.

  • Emma Simpson

    Love your bralette and monokini. So special for summer. Love how you combined them with the jacket.

  • Emily Johnson

    Both of the looks which you wore at the fashion week were different but eccentric. You are backed by your social media star status now. So you can easily wear just anything and pose for the shutterbugs like an eye candy. But most normal people can’t.

  • kayla Hadly

    Very nice. You look fabulous. Love your Fur Jacket.