Paris Fashion Week FW17/18 Review

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As I already mentioned in my previous blog of Milan Fashion Week review, I stayed in Milan for 2 days and went off to Verona to discover more of Italy. I visited Verona, Venice, Florence, Pisa and finally arrived to the Mecca of Fashion, the city of love and art – the city of Paris.
Paris is one of those cities which has that appeal to make any person thoughtful about art and fashion. Parisian style is somewhat different from any other place’s street style.
It has more art, craft and vibrance involved with it. Everything you see is more creative and articulated and that’s what genuinely attracts me.

Unlike Milan, my stay in Paris was longer. Naturally, my visit to Paris Fashion Week shows were more. I arrived in Paris quite late in the evening on March 1 and decided to spend some time with my family. So, my Paris Fashion Week officially began on March 2, 2017. I went to Pascal Millet show and it was so good to meet the designer Pascal Millet to know what inspires him to designs the pieces. It’s awesome to know designers keep close eyes on people around and their style for their inspiration. It’s a delightful feeling when we find we are in their thoughts when they create designs!

After the completion of the show, we went to the presentation of La Prestic Ouiston to check out their FW17/18 collection. The patterns were vivid and refreshing which is very close to my style statement. Colorful patterns and abstract prints had a wide presence in the collection which is pretty striking to me. Similar patterns and prints of the outfit are executed in the accessories to attract souls like me. There was a lot of highlight on creating an ensemble in same pattern and that emphasizes on how productive the designer was while creating the FW17/18 collection.

The next day I went to Andrew Gn show and it effortlessly won my heart. Monochrome or lucid colors, the crafty execution of each of the pieces is the signature style of Andrew. Andrew Gn Fall Winter 17/18 collection speak volumes about the designer’s creativity. Silhouette dresses to trench coats or parkas, the appeal of each of the pieces were climaxed with art. A lot of sewing work is visible in all forms of style which is so Andrew Gn as we all know. Even a go-to style piece turns into a statement piece – all thanks to Andrew’s creative mind. Whereas last FW collection showed the presence of selective colors like khaki, black, white and red, this year is primarily caught by colors and brought utmost joy to me. I name my favorite colors and it was all there -blue, purple, mustard, pink, yellow, velvet green – the beautiful colors were topped with vivacious multicolored floral prints. There was variety in each of the pieces with rich presence of embroidery. Urbane silk, satin, crepe dresses were enchanting with defined embroidery. The well crafted dresses were teamed up with heavy accessories and it felt as if they belonged to the looks. Along with consciously crafted pieces, there was a strong presence of contemporary girl spirit with leo print and polka dot ensembles and abstract frilly textured dresses and coats. A lot of patterns were mixed to create an interesting and refining concoction as variety of ensemble stood strong all throughout the collection of Andrew Gn.

I attended Lutz Huelle show as I loved his focus on creating some interesting daily wear pieces. Lutz Huelle FW17/18 was exactly what I was expecting from him. Street smart casuals with smart tailoring and panels make them gorgeous go-to pieces. Panelled bomber jackets, trench coats, denim jackets and skirts were conjugated with chic cuts. Monotones and metallic patterns were executed beautifully keeping an urban woman’s daily lifestyle in mind. The collection had fair usage of colorful and monochrome tones to keep variety all throughout.

The next day seemed to be the most perfect one to me. Not everytime you get so lucky to attend two consecutive shows at the same venue. Luckily, this time I was! I had two shows of Veronique Leroy and Mugler – one followed by another at Palais De Tokyo.

As I’m personally a bit skeptical to wear velvet, designer Veronique Leroy’s collection comes to me as a surprise package with wide presence of the said material. Whereas I very much love the color of candy pink, I would have loved it way more if it wasn’t used on velvet fabric. Apart from my dubiety over the usage of velvet, I love a lot of things from the collection of her. The jumpsuit in baby pink with clean cuts, usage of luscious green in dresses, trousers and scarves appealed the color lovers like me. Both ruched details and tiger prints went along really well with those vibrant colors. Artistic translation on black coats, capes, trousers and dresses were exemplary. The details of fringes were in tandem with the chic vibe. I also loved the textured and woven details of the winterwear too for it’s trendy yet minimalistic appeal.

After Veronique Leroy, it was time for Mugler. The collection had every single thing that a fashionista looks for. It was a perfect balance of forward thinking and creativity. It was my first Mugler show and after seeing the collection, I have registered myself as a serious admirer of David Koma.

As it began with sharp shoulder leather jacket in blue, I understood that it was one of the perfect beginnings. Sharp and pointed shoulders with asymmetric patterns of the dresses were highlights of the collection. The collection looked refreshing and futuristic as it displayed some unprecedented designs. It unfolded draped details in leather which seemed to be modern and lavish. It moved forward to exhibit some chic statement pieces in lively yellow, blue, metallic green and metallic ombré shades. The collection gracefully marked the buoyant appeal with its hi-tech inspired pieces. It effortlessly mixed many emotions as contemporary chic ensemble mixed with jovial colors. Even the formal suits kept its innovative status with asymmetric leather bralette playing peek-a-boo! Black long coat teamed with high neck top and textured trousers stood firm to keep up with the vibe at ease. Shining metallic, high slit and asymmetric dresses kept spelling its magic whereas the graphical design made of some transparent multicolored flimsy material came across as one of the most innovative executions. It was outstandingly executed in the form of electric sharp cuts on shift dresses, skirts and jumpsuits and got along with mesh details impeccably too.

The modish outfits were perfectly paired with belts with light metal buckle, leather ankle boots, slippers, highly contrasted multi-tonal handbag or even simple leather clutches.

With David Koma’s charismatic design, Mugler FW17/18 collection turned out to be mesmerizing in a single word.

Out of many shows that I attend, Leonard is one of those that I look forward to. It’s primarily because the collection showcases exactly what I love – lovely and lively colors. The thing that I always love about Leonard Paris is its high contrasted outfits and striking colors in light fabrics. Designer Christine Phung ensured Leonard keeps its focus at what is significant to their collection!

It began with marble print in black and white tones. From the flowing long dress to draped midi dress, from the long coats to pant suits and jumpsuits, there were plenty of marble ensemble. They caught attention with their suave silky finish. It slowly popped the color blue and white in block print and wide line print form too. Then Leonard gradually emerged out as what the brand is significant for. It started highlighting on the abstract prints and floral print designs. Then came fabulous fur details combined with colorful ensemble. From pink to various shades of purple, burgundy, violet, vermilion – it slowly turned out to be colors galore. The silk and chiffon fabrics are widely used in Leonard collection each season and this season kept its signature style too. Winter jackets, straight fit blazers and long coats looked vivacious with the usage of various colors in the spectrum. At the same time, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, palazzo pants paired with silk shirt, see through top with floral prints pictured a contemporary urban woman’s debonair style. It marked the presence of smooth fur in aquatic shade. It also displayed its cheerful appeal through fur vest and coat in multiple colors.

Christine Phung kept Leonard’s trademark style as it played with colors and reflected the same in fine and light dresses to heavy winterwear.

The last show of my PFW this season was Valentin Yudashkin as I wanted to come back home a little early to finish a pending work. Valentin Yudashkin FW17/18 was more about on-the-go mood this season. It accentuated the modern daily wear while touching the retro chapter. It began showing some daily winterwear like long coat, cape blazer, oversized sweaters. Timeless striped ensemble looked apt when the collection was putting its thought together on variety of daily wear. There was wide variety in fabric and I loved it when I saw the presence of sequin, organza, mesh, lace, silk, tulle, metallic to woollen and leather fabric.

It was comprehensive how designer Valentin Yudashkin and his daughter Gala Yudashkina kept their innovative thought in line when I saw long dress with razor sharp cuts and perforated velvet ensembles! Formal suits with glitter details looked exhilarating. There was not much variety in terms of the usage of colors as the designer and his daughter  kept their whole focus on using various fabrics to keep the variation and they were successful at what they did.

The collection kept its statement pieces in sync with their label’s vibe. Long dresses made of tulle, metallic and sequin presented its elegant and luxurious vibes with its embroidery, sprayed and other tech-inspired  paints.

Overall, my Paris Fashion Week FW17/18 review will talk more about variety as lots of varieties were present in the designer’s collection. It will also talk about creativity and futuristic statement creating pieces. This season it was more about several fabrics and sharp patterns. Also, I saw many more jovial colors than what I saw before.


Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review

La Prestic Ouiston


Pascal Millet

Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review

Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review

Andrew Gn


Veronique Leroy

Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review

Leonard Paris

Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-ReviewParis-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-ReviewParis-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review

Valentin Yudashkin



Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-ReviewParis-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review Paris-Fashion-Week-FW1718-Review

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    I had been to a NYFW presentation once and I felt extremely lucky to receive an invite and be a part of this. I could feel how prestigious it was to be called! It’s the biggest fashion event and very selective few people are called. It’s not one of those events where you can pay to get in! So I felt so proud to visit. While seeing you attend shows in the front row, I dream to be there one day in my life, at least for one show.

  • Shruti Patel

    In your PFW blog I personally like Andrew Gn and Valentin Yudashkin dresses. Both designer’s dresses are very stylish and gorgeous. I think you also enjoyed their collection. I was hopping that you would create your own look wearing some of their collection in PFW. In this way we can get some extra (your style in PFW).

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