Milan Fashion Week FW17/18 review

March 14, 2017, by

Milan Fashion Week FW17/18 review

This time Fashion Week wasn’t just about Fashion Week to me, it was much more! Actually I scheduled a family trip along with Fashion Week. After reading this line, a lot of people would think that I’m a total crazy but many of you who know me closely would know that it’s ME.

I always try doing things that are out of the box and feel the fun doing it (mostly)! But sometimes things are beyond my control and a few of the things turn out disastrous. Though when you are taking your mum out, you always want everything to go smoothly but I faced the worst in this situation (unlucky enough)!

So, this is how my Fashion Week tour began! We missed our flight. What?! How?!

We thought we had time in our hand but unusually heavy traffic jam consume a lot of time. So, we reached airport an hour and a couple of minutes before the departure of flight and rushed in.

But what awaited us there was the worst surprise from the so-called best airline Emirates. Upon reaching the Emirates airline counter at the airport, out of everyone’s surprise, the people at the counter said that they wouldn’t provide us the boarding passes as we were late and the flight was already full and they had no seats left. We were shocked and asked them how that is possible (Usually other airlines consider 5-10 minutes here and there when they see 4 passengers are anxious and the flight still had one hour left to depart but the airline had the worst behavior saved for us.)! When my mother came in to the counter to request them to arrange something as there was still 1 hour left for the flight to depart, the ground staffs of Emirates manhandled my mom and pushed her away. This left everyone of us shocked and we were in jitters to speak any word further.

So, the reason (we were told) for not providing us the boarding passes was that the flight was already full. How? No one answered.

However, even though they did not reply to us and puzzled us while manhandling my mom, they kept conversing on phone at the counter and from there, we figured that some Emirates airline staffs were being flown and those seats were offered to them. It felt as if we were waiting for a shuttle taxi on the road and suddenly the taxi driver’s relatives came in and he randomly changed his mind. Booking ticket and having a PNR stood nowhere! Ridiculous? You decide!

So, being mere spectator of such malpractice, we had to book the next flight from another airline. Obviously, Emirates left no respect for itself in our eyes and we would strongly recommend everyone to steer clear of this airline. (It’s scary when the staffs go to the extent of manhandling an aged person.)

However, I thank my star that the other airline was refreshingly good. Coming from nearby province, but they are completely different in behavior. They are understanding and most importantly, respectful to their clients and oh yes, gentle (aww, the goosebumps producing manhandling is one of the most horrendous memories for the lifetime now). Out of curiosity, we enquired them about the last time of issuing a boarding pass and they clearly stated that 45-minutes from the departure of the flight is fairly considered. Wow!

So, we boarded the flight and started afresh but missed the connecting flight to Milan (situation beyond control). We boarded the next Milan flight and we reached Milan very late in the evening. I missed all 3 shows of Jenny, Anteprima and Byblos.

But hey! Every day is a new day, right? Yes, when your health is at its best. The crisis situation at the airport took a toll on my body and it felt as if I had no energy left the next day. I started off really late, made a brief visit to Il Duomo Di Milano. Thankfully, I met the cutest fashionista doggy Little Lola Sunshine there and that has brought back the lively vibe in me. She amazed me with her flash performances and I would love to catch up with her in the coming fashion weeks too as she brings the jovial vibe with her.

After Duomo Di Milano visit, I went to the presentation of Hanita Fashion wearing Hanita Fashion look myself. The outfits and ensembles were vibrant and edgy. The highlights of this line is its fabrics and prints. The color and print lovers like me will cherish this line all throughout the year. If people say, outerwears for winter are usually boring, the patterns are monotonous and the choice of colors are narrow, they must check out Hanita’s collections. From Leo prints to youthful candy pink, blue and vibrant colors, multi colored textures and prints to sequin ensembles- they have everything that a flamboyant personality will love to embrace.

Both textures and fabrics are dynamic irrespective of the seasons. I was wearing a two-piece consisting a printed silk shirt and matching shorts from Hanita Fashion’s SS17 collection and I loved it when I saw the strong the presence of the same high-spirit in the FW17/18 collections of them too.

The best part is that the designer has made sure the pieces would look extremely luxurious but from the price point, it would be an affordable luxury.

After attending Hanita’s presentation, I headed to Versace but as I started late, the whole schedule was delayed. By the time, I reached the venue at Fiera Milano City, the show already started.

The bad luck continued, I missed my first-ever Versace show. However, later I loved what I saw! I found rich embroideries and acid prints, textured and fur jackets in vibrant colors and loved them all. I also found metallic and shimmer details in fine evening dresses and loved the healthy mix of fun and glamor quotient in the collections. Bold, sultry, glam and glitter on one end and funky, playful, sweet, girlie on the other – the collection had variety. Donatella was at her creative best as usually as she put together several moods and characteristics of women in phases. I found the gracious presence of appealing ombré shades, vibrant prints and lively stripes. A lot of colors in the spectrum were used in the collection. Gorgeous yellow, bold red, stunning blue, neutral greenish shades looked intriguing. Even fur jackets and metallic / shimmer dresses displayed colors in bits. The collection created strong statement with the usage of words in style. Overall, Versace FW17/18 collection had everything that could delight me and it had all the materials that I or any fashionista can relate to. A special mention to the colorful hair the models flaunted too as I think they effortlessly complimented the collection of Donatella in this FW17/18.

The next day, I went to attend Ermanno Scervino. The designer emphasizes on casual street style wear in contemporary style. As some of you already know, I observe minute details and some of them catch my fancy. Here I loved colorful fur details in the coat sleeves and fur collars in the coat. I also loved how military inspired (often considered tomboyish style) jackets / parkas are displayed with delicate feminine style fur collars. Pant suits are quite popular is urban woman’s street style these days and they were a big part of their collection.

As it was more about go-to casual style, I wanted to see more colors. I really felt the absence of color yellow and traditional green. Military inspired green is in trend but traditional green is irreplaceable and I missed its presence in the collection. Powder blue and navy blue are the favorite colors of many designers and street style trendsetters but royal blue has a different appeal altogether. I wanted to see more of such colors to be played with. Only cremé pink color represented itself as the delicate and thorough feminine shade. I would have loved to see more of such shades in the dainty feminine dresses than just shades of red, navy and pink.

The coats are in traditional coat pattern. Fur collars and sleeves were the only highlight. To focus on the chic daily wear, very less variety of pieces and colors were presented. Transparent dresses with crochet, mesh and organza plumet details looked neat, delicate and beautiful but repetitive as I have been seeing many of them from the last few seasons.

To me, long coat in powder blue color with multicolored fur sleeves was the highlight of the show and it would have been great to see more of such statement pieces in wide choice of colors in the FW2017/18 collection of Ermanno Scervino. However, there is good mix of trend and on-the-go style and that’s what I loved about Ermanno Scervino. So, I look forward to see more of them in the Fashion Weeks to come.

In my brief 2-day visit to Milan Fashion Week, I couldn’t attend many shows and presentations. I’m hopeful to stay longer in Milano at the time of the upcoming Fashion Week in September-October and I would try to catch up with more shows and presentations I promise.

Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.


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  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    Amazing post! Love your looks, you have such an unique style. Can’t
    decide what’s my favorite but I think the white dress with orange heels are
    really special because it looks so classy on you!
    best wishes

  • Emily Johnson

    Such a great post. I love your Instagram account . You have done great job with your accounts.

  • Grace Morley

    Such a awesome post. You are a true diva, love your style.SUPERB!.

  • Maria Torres

    Wow so nice ❤️❤️ B🌸E🌺A💐U💥T💫Y. Such à wonderful pictures with Amazing style! I really like it 😍😍

  • Julia Kristin

    I m so in love with your account 😍😍😍
    You have posted the best street style in Milan!👏👏👏Love all your pics!

  • Sarah Laurent

    J’habite en France et j’adore Paris 🇫🇷
    Rue crémieux

  • Giselle Witt

    Ich liebe den Pulli 😍😍 Wunderschön 💕
    So hübsch! Die Sonnenbrille ist ein Traum!

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    OMG! I love your fur coat! Your style is soo fab! Always on point. So much drama with air Emirates. Very bad airline. I will never travel with this airline.

  • Natalina Lorenc

    Cudowna.Wspaniale wyglądasz kochana ❤
    Lubie te Twoje wloski ❤🍾

  • Shivangi Kapoor

    You look superb in all your look in MFW! Feeling horrible to know that Emirates is such a bad airline,they don’t care about senior citizen as well. You should lodge a complain against this airlines at consumer court. The airline should take responsibility and compensate you.

  • Caroline Lopez

    You look beyond fabulous in all of your look in MFW. Hope you enjoyed there in fashion week’s time. Love the vibes. I am surprised to know this Dubai airline Emirates staff are so irresponsible and manner less. Shame on them!

  • Yumi Miyamoto

    OMG you can’t be more cool, it’s impossible. This look is amazing, you
    are like a hot candy. These clothes, these colors, everything is
    perfect.. These coat is so cute. Love love love so much these sunglasses


  • Camille Pilinski

    Really loving these photos, and of course, as always, your writing! It’s wonderful to see that someone is so thoughtful to share with us the details of all luxury designer brands. It feels as if we are a part of it too. Very bad to know about Emirates airline though, not a liker of them.

  • Vanessa Liu

    Beautiful hair and makeup. Good vibe. I so sorry to hear about your airline problem, hope you will shot this out soon.

  • Shruti Patel

    I can’t imagine that Emirates ( such a famous airline) staffs are so bad. They literally stole your money. You should complain to higher authority. Hope they will help you. I am glad you managed to go there in time, thanks to other airlines.You look gorgeous In Milan Fashion week.

  • Claudia Solina

    che benissima Twinkle!! raffinata e raggiante come sempre 🙂
    sei veramente splendida…se ti va passa a trovarmi.

  • Sophie

    I love this blog. From the pictures of the shows you attended to your own looks – everything gives a strong message about courage. It talks about being brave, bold and creative.
    The incident that happened to you at the airport is horrid. Keep the same spirit there too and take this matter to everyone’s notice.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Such a terrible experience at the Airport ! Can’t accept the fact that such a renowned airline like Emirates had done that. You should lodge a complaint and take that matter seriously. Apart from this experience, I hope you enjoyed you MFW thoroughly. I love your all photos . Superb!

  • Maria Torres

    Babe, all your looks are so fierce and the shows you covered are equally fierce. It’s a pity you missed such a fabulous show. But I wish you all the luck for next fashion week. I must mention what happened to your mum at the airport is unacceptable. You must take this matter forward.

  • kayla Hadly

    I have always thought Emirates is overhyped. Never travelled with them. There are a lot of reputed airlines with no flashy display. The more such display, the less service they provide! I’m glad to know you made there at least. I’m always curious to know how the European Fashion Weeks are?! I wish I was lucky to be there.

  • Colleen Watson

    Baby, your looks are so gorgeous. I feel sorry to know about what’s happened. But you rocked the shows in such a short visit to MFW.

  • Tulip Wahi

    This is such a horror story to hear. Try to get through the higher authority of Emirates and let them know about such unethical stuff. Show zero tolerance. You’re our star and we are with you. I’m so sad you had to face all this huddle and you could not cover Milan Fashion Week so well. I saw your Paris Fashion Week pictures and front row coverages *wink*. They are exceptional. Waiting for the blog.

  • Aliya Singh

    Being a Dubaian myself who has an Indian origin, I am feeling ashamed of Emirates Airlines. I am shocked to know about such terrible experience. I’ll have to think about switching to other competitive airlines.

    As far as Milan Fashion Week is concerned, I love your picture with the cute yorkie! Love all your look. I salute you for being such a strong person that you are! More power to you. <3

  • Emma Simpson

    Too hot to handle. You have set a new trend of wearing swimwear.