New Year Resolution with YouGov

January 5, 2017, by
New Year Resolution with YouGov

New Year Resolution with YouGov

I wish all of you a very happy new year. I hope Year 2017 has already provided a joyful start to everyone. While 2016 was the most successful year for me as a blogger, I’m looking forward to make it even bigger in 2017. With success, there comes a lot of social responsibility too as I feel it’s always important to share my success and happiness with everyone else. Hence, my new year resolution was somewhat close to sharing. Sharing my own opinion on various social topics and trying to know more about people and what they love! While making this New Year Resolution, I was looking for a platform that provides me what I’m looking for. After my research, I have come across YouGov panel. The platform TH YouGov Panel was exactly what I was seeking for. It enables me to take part and let my voice heard on various social topic while taking part in a survey. It also shows me the results of various surveys conducted by them and reports the opinion of general public.

The input that I get from YouGov on many interesting topics has literally made me get hooked on to it. It sounds pretty fascinating that I can be a part of many social topics and then, I can see the result to determine how many people are with me and having the same consideration as me. I was actually pretty overwhelmed when I found in one of the YouGov survey results that APAC is united when it comes to cosmetics and lipstick is indispensable and quality trumps price.

The important part of YouGov panel is their versatile topic selection and on top of that, this is an easy going platform so I can use it anytime while going to work or returning back from work. I have discovered that the way YouGov panel presents the topic and does the survey is actually quite refreshing. So I’m actually loving its accompany while I’m returning back from work or a tedious meeting. Its wide range of topic blows my mind after a tiring day.

New Year Resolution with YouGov

Not just that, I was talking about YouGov to my friends a few days back and now we are actually planning to do a survey together with my friends this weekend while sitting together over coffee. I know it’s actually gonna be quite exciting. So I’m looking forward this contemporary idea of ours.

But, if you think you are missing out of all this fun, think again! You are not! You can be with us too. You can sign up to the YouGov panel and participate in the surveys as well.
It’s super easy to sign up. All you need to do is click on to this link

After that just put your email id and set a password and that’s it! Register yourself and you’re all set. Probably the easiest way to break the door of so many vital and significant information related to the world.

New Year Resolution with YouGovNew Year Resolution with YouGovNew Year Resolution with YouGov
The topic range on YouGov Panel is vast. I can assure you that you can get multiple interesting topics to read and contribute to.

While taking the first survey, one just needs to put in the basic info as follows:
New Year Resolution with YouGov

New Year Resolution with YouGovNew Year Resolution with YouGovNew Year Resolution with YouGovNew Year Resolution with YouGovNew Year Resolution with YouGov

If you are still finding it hard, they have a simple step-by-step video to elaborately tell you how it works! It’s around the ‘sign up‘ section.

New Year Resolution with YouGov

They seem to be interesting to answer but don’t worry, all those information is kept confidential and the identity is hidden too for everyone’s convenience.

The best part is you can use the YouGov panel anywhere with any of the devices that’s convenient with you. Whether it’s computer or laptop or smartphone or tablet, it’s easily accessible from everywhere.

My New Year Resolution with YouGov seems to be a success. I’m so thankful 2017 is a happy and successful beginning to me and my New Year Resolution is made too after becoming a YouGov panellist.

New Year Resolution with YouGovNew Year Resolution with YouGov

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