Being a tourist

December 16, 2016, by

Being a tourist

It was a great day when I decided on being a tourist and went to visit Eiffel Tower and Montmartre Carousel area. Though I was daring enough to wear a crop top and skirt in a jacket weather where everybody else added outerwear such as jackets and coats, but I had reasons behind trying to act so daring. It was Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer17 time. So it was pretty obvious that I tried to visit places in a spring-summer look.

The tan leather details of the skirt from Missguided was attractive enough but its asymmetric wrap style cut just became the cherry on the cake. I hate to say this but this skirt is currently out of stock. So I have put the link to a similar item here. I styled this chic skirt with my trendy crop top in white. Crop top is one of the sleek picks which all of the fashionistas and stylists are swearing by these days. Its peek-a-boo style always catches everyone’s eyes. In my look, the crop top too had an asymmetric bandage style design which kind of complimented as the whole ensemble.

I decided to pair my outfit with a pair of cheeky pumps from Ssh-oes. The pumps were easy to choose as it had a smart cut-out design with strappy details and back zip. Those who think there should be something better than a patent pair of pump shoes must rely on a pair like this. The designer of this label Mary Arnett had put in extra effort to ensure that the shoes create no sound while walking unlike what other shoe heels do. I love the innovative thought that she had come up with.
Lastly I added a sophisticated midi tote bag from Strathberry in ruby red color to adjust the tonal balance. The ruby red colored handbag that was made of calf leather and microfiber easily complimented the leather skirt in deep tan without being too matchy-matchy. More than that, the textures were complimenting amazingly.
Being a tourist in Paris can never be a bad idea and wearing a look like this to turn a few heads at the street wasn’t bad either.
Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.
Outfit details:
Top: Revolve
Skirt: Missguided Similar Here or Here
Pump Shoes: Ssh-oes

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  • Caroline Lopez

    Such a lovely location & lovely photos.

  • Giselle Witt

    Ihr Stil ist mühelos. Das ist, warum es die meisten anzieht.

  • Emily Johnson

    Love your style statement. Please visit London. You’ll love it.

  • Colleen Watson

    You are such an effortless poser. I seriously admire your skill and try to replicate. Hope it doesn’t sound too obsessed.

  • Emma Simpson

    Your waist line is goals! That location is just so magical. Everytime I see these photos, I tend to miss my Paris visit.

  • Claudia Solina

    spogliatoio sorprendente. si non mancano mai di stupire.

  • Maria Torres

    I love your lacy pumps the most They fit so well with your crop top and wrap skirt.

  • kayla Hadly

    Babe that leather skirt is everything!

  • Sophie

    I love your travel album. You are such an inspiring tourist.
    This look is simply flawless. Where do you find styles that inspire YOU?

  • Benedetta

    Lovely photos…Paris is magical!!!
    Be Happy with Fashion

  • Shruti Patel

    I want that red handbag. I need your life too. You make me go green.

  • Reshmi Ganguly

    I love this wrap skirt. You make a chic ensemble with crop top.

  • Yumi Miyamoto

    This look is such a crush!

  • Natalina Lorenc

    ładna jak kiedyś. Uwielbiam styl.

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    This look is stunning as well as extremely cute. Love your hair.

  • Patricia Lozano

    So beautiful pictures. All your pictures are so beautiful. Every little detail is always perfect and lovely. You are truly amazing.

  • Grace Morley

    Wow!These are the best pictures in Paris. You look just amazing! Twinkle you are such a big inspiration.

  • Shesinfashion by CC

    I dear, obviously love your heels and bag!!!! <3<3<3
    Chiara –

  • Kamila

    Great styling, cool high heels.
    You look beautiful.
    Share your post on my blog.

  • Preity Dhilon

    So beautiful Twinkle! Why are you so flawless girl?

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Lovely pictures! Your outfit looks perfect.

  • Bianca Raymond

    This is one of my favorite styles. Leather skirt paired with cropped top is such a deadly dressing idea. I’m planning this for Christmas.