Paris is always a good idea

November 29, 2016, by

Paris is always a good idea

If people say Paris is always a good idea, they are absolutely right. I realized it during our visit in Paris last October. It was the time of Paris Fashion Week SS17 and amidst the hectic schedule, it made me understand why Paris is always a good idea.I visited Paris for just 5 days and it was mind blowing to be there despite I ran out of time, literally ran to many places and I had to spend most of the time without wearing warm clothes (for those who are unable to understand why on earth I had to move outside with sleeveless or light summer dresses, it was the time of Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer. So I had to dress to the occasion… you know what I mean!)

Yes, so, I reached pretty late in the afternoon on day 1. I reached hotel Bastille Boutet MGallery Collections by Sofitel tired and had dinner in bed and dozed off immediately. The next day I woke up and realized how cold it was outside!! I think the warmth of the hotel didn’t make me realize it was so cold when I checked in to there late in the evening the day before. However, I got ready for our first PFW show. Once the show was over, I decided to spend some time in the Parisians alley and got into a Parisian Café. Parisian Cafés are super artistic, cozy, warm (even without warm clothes in the month of October) and it’s dessert lover’s paradise.

On day 3, I went to visit The Iron Lady. Paris is called the City of Love because of this amazing place. Eiffel Tower was looking as adorable as ever. Did I miss the word gorgeous, attractive and all those other adjectives? Add them too. The whole place was looking so romantic in October’s cozy fall weather. The lake with swans, the adorable couples – everything had the romantic touch (I think it has had to do with the season too). Fall and spring are the most romantic seasons anyway, so it’s the best season to visit the City of Love.
However, as an eternally single girl with no love interest in the vicinity, I think I move from the romance topic to something that’s apt for me.

So, while being there at the place, I started taking a lot of pictures as usually. I was quite an eye candy there for being the only person in a cropped top post sunset. I was stared by so many people that finally I had to bring out my full sleeve cape (the people wearing coats and jackets looked at me shocked for quite a long time & I think that gave me a sensation of the nip in the air). Oh yes, speaking more about some me-like activity, I had a lovely time at Montmartre Carousel. Darn, I am not having a picture as both me and bro were riding together. I took a couple of selfies but sad, they didn’t have adequate light.

In our visit, we got to see a lot of Parisian architecture as the venues of the fashion shows were spectacular. The palaces with mesmerizing frescos and gilded columns melt one’s heart. The textures and sculptures at the freize and architrave tell you how breathtaking artists Paris has produced!

We couldn’t visit the popular Palais de Louvre to see Pyramide de Louvre AKA Louvre Pyramid. Also we had to cancel the plan of visiting Ferris Wheel Roue de Paris at the last moment as we were already rushing a lot. But as Paris is always a good idea, we would definitely keep visiting Paris and those places are already marked for our next visit.
Lots of love,
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  • Julia Kristin

    Love all your photos. Paris is such a lovely holiday destination. Hope you had a great fun.

  • Tulip Wahi

    So awesome! I ‘m already planning my next Paris after visiting your blog.

  • Viva White

    Oi Twinkle! Adoro suas fotos! Adorei o vestido! Esse look ficou um charme. Parabéns!

  • Sophie

    Beautiful! The skirt is so elegant! And the shoes are just gorgeous! Love it 🙂

  • Emma Simpson

    Such a inspirational post. Paris is a beautiful location and your blog described it really well.

  • Sarah Laurent

    Il fait si froid ces jours-ci à Paris. Aimez toutes vos photos! La qualité est toujours incroyable! <3

  • kayla Hadly

    Love love love this look (and all your looks)! You look so chic and sophisticated. Love your blog, Instagram and snapchat! Thank you for inspiring my outfits every day! xx

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    The background is so beautiful, so timeless, and you look absolutely gorgeous as always!

  • Priyanka Bajaj

    I watched the blog and i loved it !! Paris is such an amazing and wonderful place. I love the pictures, you are so beautiful 🙂

  • Shivangi Kapoor

    Love all photos!!! Such a great location!!! Fabulous post!!!

  • Shruti Patel

    Oh my Gosh…..these pictures are incredible. First of all, I want to say: “You did really an awesome Job <3". I really, really love your spirit and your creativity, you inspired me a lot.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    You look absolutely gorgeous. I am a big fan of your styling. Keep up good work.

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    Wow! The city in the first few photos is amazing! What a wonderful place to go and see and experience. As always loving your outfits.

  • Emily Johnson

    Inspiring post!! So many gorgeous photos, I am jealous of you time!! I love the crop top as well as the leather skirt <3

  • Muskaan Mirza

    Love your Paris travel diary. You look fabulous in all your photos.

  • Camille Pilinski

    Votre style et les images de votre blog sont la définition de la perfection. J’ai suivi toutes vos aventures ces week-end de mode et je vois que vous avez passé un bon moment à porter des looks étonnants, tous inspirants. Grand travail et grande équipe! ……

  • Giselle Witt

    Ich liebe alle Ihre Fotos. Du siehst unglaublich aus.

  • Natalina Lorenc

    Takie piękne miejsce, Paryż, Kochaj wszystko uchwycić.

  • Patricia Lozano

    Great photos! Looks like you had an amazing time! What camera or cameras
    did you use? I’m really curious because the photos are extremely cool.

  • Colleen Watson

    I so envy your time in Paris. It’s one of my favorite places I want to visit again and again, and your photos and description portray it as exactly what I feel.I love that vintage architecture of these buildings! All your looks are gorgeous in this post, and I love the leather skirt.

  • Yumi Miyamoto

    The boutique hotel is beautiful and the bed looks so comfortable too! Good breakfast always win more points so this accommodation deserves a thumbs-up, thanks for sharing!

  • Grace Morley

    Stunning, beautiful and chic! I am so in love with your Paris travel blog.and that blog is just perfection!

  • Claudia Solina

    Il tuo stile e le immagini nel tuo blog sono la definizione di perfezione. Ho seguito tutte le vostre avventure questi Mese della moda e vedo che hai speso un grande momento di indossare sorprendente looks- tutto stimolante. Grande lavoro e grande squadra! 🙂

  • Preity Dhilon

    That skirt is so pretty! There is something so magical about Paris! These are beautiful photographs and I really love the look.

  • Caroline Lopez

    Yes, Paris really is such a magical city that embodies freedom 🙂 Loving all of these great photos that are inspired by the Paris travels theme <3 So pretty, especially the hotel And of course, your look is so pretty too!

  • Maria Torres

    I don´t know how you manage to make every little picture look so amazing! A really gorgeous inspo post! <3

  • Reshmi Ganguly

    I can totally relate to your activities. They are me-like activities as well.

  • Woww so chic! <3

    xo Vanessa from

  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    Oh my God! These pictures are lovely. Yes, Paris is not a one-timer. You need visit multiple times and each time is a whole new experience.