James Bond Island

November 12, 2016, by

James Bond Island

I know I’m late to write this blog but I have never forgotten this day. When Friday is significant for Flashbacks, I thought about flashing back to the little adventurous day that I had in my last Thailand Visit.
On the last day of our Phuket visit, we have decided to go to Phang Nga Bay which is popularly known as James Bond Island since the movie was shot there. In fact, other than the James Bond island, we actually visited many other small and lesser known absolutely beautiful islands near toJames Bond Island.

It was fun, lively, thrilling and close to the nature (we literally kissed the ocean and hills while Canoeing). We got sun kissed at the Virgin Islands and ocean air got our hair messsed. I lost my perfect look but that day wasn’t about looking good. I was a carefree wanderlust that day who never loses her high-spirit. The journey was so full of contrast experiences that there was no dull moment. We were hopping from our yacht to canoe to peacock boat and our energy was flowing.

We visited Naka Island and then moved to Hong Island while canoeing past the Mangrove Forest, hills and Loy Kratong.
Then we moved back to Yacht and went close to Phang Nga Bay, we got to visit to Tapu Island nearby James Bond Island and Ping Gan for some small shopping activity.

Then the wait was over, we got to see the famous rock of Phang Nga Bay or James Bond Island. The place was so serene and the water had a vivacious attraction. The rocks were easy to climb. So we didn’t hesitate to start exploring.

It was a fabulous place to begin with. The place had a gorgeous appeal. On top of that, its tranquility makes it a supreme location. As we visited the place in the month of August, the weather was cloudy and it started raining just after we reached. Yes, we had a small pause but it couldn’t stop us from enjoying the place. Though it was a little challenging for us to start hiking the rocks in a rainy weather but we didn’t give up. Also every difficulty has one positivity, due to the inclement weather, the island was empty and there was no one around when we were there. So we got to make the most of the opportunity of exploration.

After Phang Nga Bay or James Bond Island, we made a short visit to Loy Kratong which we passed through during the time of Canoeing. Loy Kratong is a wonderful place. Here people offer thanks to the Goddess of Water with lighting candles. They make a wish and then float the candles or Krathongs on canals. They believe those Krathongs carry away sins and bad lucks with it and if we say our wish while floating it away, Goddess of Water grants the wish too. It was cute to participate in this activity.

On our way back, we made sure that we visit Panak Island. The island consists adventurous caves which has completed our quest for thrill. We visited the place at the time of sunset and as the environment was getting darker, the intensity of adventure had got to rise up to the right point.

Overall, the escapade was memorable with thrill and enjoyment to the core. It was such an amazing experience that we forgot the time was ticking and we had to catch our flight back home in a few hours.

While coming back to our hotel at Kamala Beach in Phuket, we were literally rushing as we had our flight  in three hours time. But all throughout our way back home, we were cherishing the memories of the journey that we embarked on. When we started, we knew it would be exciting. But it was way more than that. It was remarkably thrilling and I recommend everyone to experience this when they visit Phuket.
Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.


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  • Tulip Wahi

    You are so lucky to be in a paradise like an angel.

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    Love your travel photos. Amazing travel diary.

  • Maria Torres

    It looks like fun, and total bliss Twinkle!!!

  • Shruti Patel

    You’re so lucky to get there before all the tourists! The benefits of waking up early haha. LOVE the photos, so magical x

  • Claudia Solina

    davvero magnifico questo abito, complimenti anche per la location e le foto!!

  • Julia Kristin

    I enjoy reading your posts so much, Twinkle! I’m lucky enough to travel a
    lot as well and know exactly what you mean, I haven’t been there yet, but maybe some day I will visit 🙂

  • Sophie

    These photos are beautiful! Thailand looks so serene and beautiful. Thank you so much for your inspiring posts Twinkle! I really value your opinion as one of most respected travel bloggers and I read your text about your thoughts and tips for that destination. Probably this is one of the travel blog I follow that posts genuine, meaningful content and
    beautiful pictures.

  • kayla Hadly

    These are the loveliest photos of Thailand I have ever seen. OK, you have confirmed it for me, Thailand goes the travel list and James Bond Island!

  • Sarah Laurent

    Sensationnelle Twinkle !!! magnifique !!! En lisant ton livre, je découvre ce côté 100% artistique de ta personnalité, je ne te pensais pas si créative, mais du coup ça ne
    m’étonne pas tant que ça.

  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    Your photos are always incredible. Love your outfits too. I don’t trust
    myself traveling with white clothes LOL! Can’t wait to see your next

  • Reshmi Ganguly

    People say Koh Samui and Phang Nga Bay are the best places to visit in Thailand. Your pictures say it’s heavenly.

  • Viva White

    Uma localização espetacular. Você está deslumbrante como sempre

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Wow! Such breathtaking shots. No wonder a James Bond movie was shot here. It even comes with its own Bond girl!

  • Preity Dhilon

    This place is very close from my place Bangkok. Awesome location.

  • Bianca Raymond

    This is a paradise. It looks so beautiful. I’m planning to stay near James Bond island in my coming trip to Thailand.

  • Emma Simpson

    The place is stunning. Do you enjoy discovering places all alone or you prefer to be with friends?

  • Muskaan Mirza

    After such a horrible presidential election in United States, I thank you for writing this blog. At least I have found something good to read. 😉