Parisian royalty

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Parisian royalty

While talking about Paris, I’ll just have to say it was a hurricane visit. A beautiful city like Paris is made for cherishing for a few days but due to Paris Fashion Week, our visit turned out to be a hectic one. In our everyday routine, one thing was common. Getting ready and running to the shows. This was time-consuming (consider Parisian traffic, whoa!) and tiring too. At a time when we hardly had the scope to explore the City of Love, I’m thankful that I stayed in a place which helped me to explore Parisian royalty or rather French royalty. Shangri La Paris is just stone-throw distance away from the biggest spectacles in Paris. You can see the pictures of Eiffel Tower and River Seine from my room in Shangri-La Paris, it feels like I can touch them from there. The view from the room was so heavenly that anyone could spend hours sitting there. The yachts doing rounds through River Seine, the beautiful Tour de Eiffel is twinkling in every one hour – the view makes you feel so romantic that you realize why the place is named as the City of Love!!

Apart from this sensational view, I feel lucky to experience the royalty in the city of Paris. We stayed at Shangri La Hotel in Paris which was formerly the residence of Prince Roland Napoléan Bonaparte. I hope after this, I don’t have much thing to say. The hotel displays historic stories of Parisian Passy Village and Balzac House. The royal residence that went on to become Shangri La Paris 120 years later is actually anecdotes galore. Each wall and ceiling tells a different story of royalty. To be able to explore more about Parisian Royalty, we followed the guidebook 10 Parisian Walks provided by the hotel. For the first few hours, we were just amazed to see the heritage side of the hotel and then flipping through the guidebook generated all the curiosity to know more about every corner of this historic building. It was fabulous to stay in the hotel which was known as Palais Roland Bonaparte about a hundred years ago. Parisian culture is deeply rooted into this hotel as it’s conspicuous. The monument historiques accredited artisans were consulted for their ancestral savour-faire during the formation of Shangri La Paris. They ensured that they protect, restore and highlight the 19th century architectural assets of the Palais and transform it into a 21st century luxury hotel. Hence, every corner of this hotel displays its historical value and the time spent at this picturesque property is something to treasure.

I’m so glad that I got to witness and capture  such a spectacular royal heritage to share with you. I hope you saw my hotel tour on Snapchat (Username: twinkleintrendz) during my stay. Those who missed out can still enjoy the pictures in this blog.

We stayed at a room which offered a dreamy view. The decor of the room consisting the furnitures, lights, chandelier and the portraits on the wall – everything had its touch of royal vibe. There was a spacious toilet attached to the room. For the first time in my whole life, I have seen a fabulous portrait hanging from the wall inside the toilet too. I stumbled and told myself that it was a sophistication on a different level! Then I realized this is what we call royalty!

The other thing that differentiates Shangri La Paris from the other hotels is its exceptional service. I would definitely call that a royal service. Considering the busy time that I had, the whole room became messy with makeup, dresses, shoes, handbags and accessories all over the place. But their different level servicing found me  astounded when I came back to my room. Everything was kept neatly. Each of my makeup cosmetics, tools and brushes were kept organized on a big napkin placed on the dressing table in front of the mirror. The outfits were kept folded and pleated nicely. The shoes were kept at the side one pair after another in a line! I never thought cleaning the mess was ever possible until the checkout but these people used to do an uphill (almost impossible) task at ease each day of our stay.

The other thing that I loved was the time I spent at Suite Shangri-La. I loved its mysterious concoction of classic and contemporary vibe. Classic French furnishing in the room and a contemporary design of the terrace create an interesting combination overall. The open terrace was a perfect place for us to have breakfast and enjoy the sun in the fall weather. The special part of the whole time was the breathtaking view from the terrace. The glass fit penthouse with open top offers the gorgeous view of Montmartre’s Sacré Coeur to the Trocadero, passing over the Grand Palais, Notre Dame, the Alexander III bridge, the Pantheon, the Invalides or Napolean’s Tomb, Quai Branly and the iconic Eiffel Tower and River Seine.

While talking about all these things, I can’t eliminate the food part. The food at La Bauhinia was just awesome. Shangri La is known for its Asian touch in food. So we got the best mix of many kinds of cuisines in the menu – American, French and Asian. Nevertheless, we have had authentic Italian pasta in dinner and that was splendid as well.

Overall, our visit in Paris this Fall season was short but lovely. As my brother Avishek says, this is not our first and last visit. Everything else can wait. In this visit, amidst all the work and busy schedule of Paris Fashion Week, we have done something that very few people can do while being in Paris. Staying in Shangri La Paris gave us the opportunity to discover a lot about Parisian royalty. Staying at the property which was the residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, the grand nephew of the French emperor Napolean Bonaparte gave us the opportunity to know stories that many people quest for. It was indeed a stay to remember.
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  • kayla Hadly

    I love Shangri La Hotels. I stayed with them in Thailand and it was awesome. After seeing your pictures, I have made up my mind as to where to stay at the time of my visit to Paris early in 2017.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I am also very finicky about hotels when i am on vacation. This is
    definitely a lovely hotel, the interior looks so nice and you look
    stunning as always.

  • Camille Pilinski

    Ici tu as un petit quelque chose de Chiara Ferragni. Toujours très
    grande classe, élégance et fraîcheur. Les jolies boucles apportent la
    touche glamour. On adore!

  • Sophie

    Seems like a dream hotel, everything looks so memorizing and royal , loved the architecture of the building and marble accents, hope you enjoyed your staying

  • Reshmi Ganguly

    Wow!! What a luxurious and amazing hotel you’ve been!! Wow! that super
    delicious food you tell us in your writing and photos… !!! hahaha I’d be a dream to check
    in that hotel in the next Paris trip 🙂

  • Preity Dhilon

    I found you on Facebook. I don’t know much about fashion and travel blogging but I love the way you talked about Paris. I wish to go there someday! Such a
    beautiful place and such a beautiful writer you are.

  • Viva White

    você é muito estilosa!!!!!! É a blogueira mais bem vestuda de toda internet! rs
    Te adoro e adoro o blog! Acompanho desde sempre!
    Todo sucesso do mundo pra você 🙂

  • Shivangi Kapoor

    WOW Love all your photos! I wish I could be in Paris also! It is definitely on my to-go-to list. You’ve definitely made me move Paris up on the list of vacation spots!

  • Julia Kristin

    Love your trench! looks great! You always look so chic….I’d love to know about your fitness routine….how you stay in shape whilst traveling so much.

  • Bianca Raymond

    This is my most favourite blog post ever, so beautiful photos. Love the hotel Shangri La Paris. Stay in this hotel in Paris is definitely in my wishlist.

  • Aliya Singh

    Love Paris!! I think the architecture and buildings are my favorite … so much beauty! Love the pics!

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    You really show some of the most beautiful aspects of my beloved city. girl, I love that!
    You look fabulous darling! Everything looks so lovely – makes me want to go soon! The hotel, the food, the gym everything is so royal.

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    Oh these photos are just magical! Makes me want to visit Paris right away…. Xx

  • Yumi Miyamoto

    Paris is unique, it’s so beautiful and magic. These looks are easy and chic,
    perfect for Paris.Kisses

  • Claudia Solina

    Oddio vi invidio sempre di più!!! Che foto magnifiche!!!La prima è bellissima!!! *_*

  • Sarah Laurent

    Tu es championne pour dénicher les petites perles parisiennes,
    décidément, cette ville est faite pour toi. En lisant ton livre, je
    découvre ce côté 100% artistique de ta personnalité, je ne te pensais
    pas si créative, mais du coup ça ne m’étonne pas tant que ça. Paris ne
    peut que t’aller à merveille. Cette ville respire l’art.

  • Emma Simpson

    It doesn’t matter if you have hectic day or a hectic life. You are living a life which many others like us dream of. Going to Paris Fashion Week itself was a big reward. Were you expecting all this when you kick-started this venture? Surely not. Be grateful to what you have got. You are staying in these luxurious hotel around the world where you are offered royal treatment. You are so lucky.

  • Priyanka Bajaj

    Beautiful Captures=) Gorgeous, these photos are phenomenal. The first time I saw this on Instagram and Snapchat

  • Tulip Wahi

    Love your blog. This ancient building turned hotel is worth visiting once in Paris.
    I love your yellow dress and sneakers look, by the way! Where are those from?