Paris Fashion Week SS17 review

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Paris Fashion Week SS17 review

Paris Fashion Week SS17 has to be one of the highlights in my one and half year- blogging career. Indeed, it was my first PFW and it was an awesome experience.

We had begun Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 with John Galliano show at Lycee Carnot and I love the venue where John Galliano presents its collections. The venue Lycee Carnot has its unique charm. But well, I couldn’t look around the venue as much as I wished to. I think many of you know the reason behind it as I shared on my social media that we were quite late to reach the venue. Thankfully, the show didn’t start and I managed to see John Galliano SS17 whole collection.

The highlight of the John Galliano Spring Summer 2017 show was transparent dresses in asymmetric easy-going cuts. They were flaunted with wisely chosen high-waisted panties and triangle bras underneath. The chiffon made dresses with that see-through appeal surely looked feminine and flirtatious. But while reviewing the Paris Fashion Week SS17 collections as a blogger, I am slightly skeptical about the usage of them as daily wear on the street.

Among the other pieces, there were loosely fit harem pants on display. They were teamed up with some sensuous loose fit and see-through blouses, trendy crop-top and loose fit printed shirts often but I bet they would make a good style statement with coats and jackets in the upcoming spring. There were a couple of jackets with golden metallic button details which looked extremely elegant to me.

However, according to me, the most edgy part of the John Galliano SS17 collection was everything in distressed tan. From the long coat and jacket to loose trousers, military-inspired distressed ensemble in tan was edgy and Creative Director Bill Gaytten certainly turned heads with those pieces in an otherwise delicate feminine line.

The other thing that I loved was how these casual and go-to outfits were styled in the look. The pieces were casual and wonderfully showed its splendor with ruched and drape details and a few variety in color. Even though black and white dominated the collections but pastel blue, pink, smart stripes, chic and carefree prints and metallics were fun. And yes, talking about fun, I can’t forget to mention the headgears. They were so groovy that resisting myself from trying off a few of them was really hard. The overall collection had a laid-back appeal and I loved it.

Second show that I am going to review in this blog is Leonard Paris SS17. I chose this label as I personally love vibrant styling a lot. Contrary to black, white and other lighter shades, Leonard Paris showcases a lot of colors and prints in their collections.

Their signature pattern was exhibited on their 60th anniversary too. There were a lot of vibrant colors and prints. Floral, honeycomb abstract prints looked vivid and appropriate for a vivacious spring environment.

In-sync with the trend of chokers, the dresses were worn with chokers. Printed dress with printed choker concept seemed to be catchy. But according to me, it somewhat fell short to choose the pattern of the chokers in various cases. The printed texture of the choker and printed texture of the dress looked discrete in a few of the looks. It is understandable Creative Director Christine Phung kept the ‘contrast’ factor in mind, but in a few occasions, they looked obscure and difficult to compliment the other piece.

Silk, chiffon, organza and fluid metallic detailing attracted eyeballs. The Leonard Paris SS17 collection fairly mixed street style and festive mood in playful spirit.

Since the focus of Leonard Paris is presenting a dazzling and colorful collection, addition of a few more colors would have been appropriate. There was a clear dominance of various shades of blue. I missed the presence of some yellow and pink shades which flatter the seasons of Spring-Summer.

However, considering it’s the first season of Christine Phung, I’m looking forward to see more from her in the upcoming seasons. She managed to play with pleated and draped details and the patterns of fabrics well in this Leonard Paris Spring Summer 2017 collection and that makes me optimistic about her next shows.

My 3rd day in Paris was an eventful one. After spending a relaxing time at the hotel Shangri La Paris where we were staying, we moved to Westin Paris for Valentin Yudashkin SS17 show.

The Valentin Yudashkin Spring Summer 2017 collection seemed slightly tedious to me because of the narrow choice of colors. Undoubtedly, white and the nude shades are always a wise choice for them being neutral colors. It has its own elegance and people usually pick them as they get easily combined with almost everything. But the whole collection just overdid it in terms of picking the same colors. The ensembles were sophisticated and there was a lot of emphasis on various types of fabrics like sheer, mesh, silk, satin, linen, chiffon, cotton weaving twill etc. Also mesh, metallic and shimmer details, embroidery work and crystal embellishment complimented a few pieces really well. The new tech has been used with metallic, laser sprayed and geometric pattern.

But it mostly followed the already tried and tested blueprint and the lack to colors made it a little flat and unvarying.

Still a few of the pieces looked striking and innovative like a full sleeve jacket with crafty cutout details spreading all over the sleeve and body of the jacket. There was metallic jacket with crystal embellishment, metallic dresses with uber chic sci-fi inspired cutouts and high waist pants with pleated details.

White, various shades of pastel and blue have been used a lot in this Valentin Yudashkin SS17 collection. Pastel blue or powder blue, blueberry, navy, gray, beige, milky white, and all these nude colored pieces looked contemporary.  A few of the pieces were minimalistic and a few of them were shining and flamboyant. Overall, a good concoction but I would have liked to see some of the pieces in a couple or a few of different colors too like pink, yellow, green, coral, red, orange, burgundy. After all, Spring-Summer is considered as the season of colors.

The highlight of the Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 shows that I covered was silky fabrics, see-through transparent patterns and oversized or loose-fit pieces. I would like to try out some of these fascinating trends myself and I am curious to see more of them in the coming seasons on many other style icons.

In my Paris Fashion Week SS17 Review, I would like to talk about the other presentations where I was present. Chinese designer Ying Xiong showcased her first collection on Palais Garnier runway and the theme was grand. It had a royal vibe in the venue itself and the fresco, glided columns and chandeliers created a captivating chemistry with her collection.

The collection impressed me with beautiful handicrafts that reflected grandeur. Hand painted pieces, rich embroidery work and crystal embellishment looked extremely sophisticated and the choice of colors were wide. From the elegant porcelain white and forever admirable black to the deep shades of violet, red were unveiled in some mesmerizing mid and long length dresses. The ombré shades created with the colors like white, black, violet, red, orange, lilac, yellow looked charismatic and the added details of hand paint, embroidery and crystal embellishment made the dresses even more appealing. Silk, chiffon, crepe and organza made the collections delicate and luxurious. The display of some gorgeous looks with amazing choices of accessories seemed blazing on the last day of Paris Fashion Week SS17.

The whole Heaven Gaia SS17 collection is extremely graceful and I thoroughly fancied them but a few of the pieces are difficult to amalgamate with street style picks. If I keep that factor aside, the Heaven Gaia Spring Summer 2017 collection was amazing and each dress had its own charm and allure. They showed some lovely pieces that are good fit for festive season. It’s just that some of the pieces are a little uneasy to carry off while being on the street.

While running around from one place to another, I managed a brief visit to Ingie Paris SS17 presentation. There were some chic pieces which were on display. Transparent ensemble was visible here too. There was silk, shimmer fabric with the details of a lot of flares, drapes and peplum. Ingie Paris SS17 also showcased their line in sync with the overall Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017. I shared a few of the pictures in this article.

All in all, it was quite a great time I had in chilly Paris while visiting the Paris Fashion Week SS17 shows in my Spring Summer outfit. I had to seek help from extra cups of coffee and a few glasses of champagne for survival.
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PFW Look 1



PFW Look 2


PFW Look 3



PFW Look 4


John Galliano SS17

paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-John-Galliano-SS17

Leonard Paris SS17




Valentin Yudashkin SS17

paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Valentin-Yudashkin-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Valentin-Yudashkin-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Valentin-Yudashkin-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Valentin-Yudashkin-SS17


Heaven Gaia SS17

paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Heaven-Gaia-SS17

Ingie Paris SS17

paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Ingie-Paris-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Ingie Paris SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Ingie-Paris-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Ingie-Paris-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Ingie-Paris-SS17 paris-fashion-week-ss17-review-Ingie-Paris-SS17

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