homely feeling in Phuket

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homely feeling in Phuket

I’m feeling so happy to write about my stay in Phuket because I know I would get to re-live those beautiful moments from Phuket in my memories. Writing about my trip to Thailand wouldn’t be completed if I don’t talk about Thai culture and their warm way of greeting. Their cute gestures somehow hold a very special place in my heart. So this is what I’m beginning my story with.

As soon as I reached the beautiful Andara Resort and Villas in Phuket, I had a memorable welcome. I was greeted in traditional Thai culture and they came up with orchid garland and then a refreshing tea with special herbs. Then we were taken into our beautiful penthouse pool suite. The music there was just so revivifying and the ocean and beach view from the living room and its attached balcony was spectacular.

We had such a homely feeling in our suite where we had our private kitchen, two big bedrooms, one giant master bedroom with a floor to ceiling window and a breathtaking oceanic view. On top of that, it had a giant toilet with a big jacuzzi. Do I really need anything bigger? If yes, then, there was a rooftop pool at our penthouse suite which means our private infinity pool inside our suite along with relaxing sun beds. Now I hope it reaches that ‘paramount’ status.

One of the best parts of our Thailand visit was the homely feeling in Phuket. This magical Andara Resort and Villas offered that to us. We never really wanted to come home and who else would want? Waking up to oceanic view from our room’s window, then breakfast in the balcony or dining room and even relaxing in the living room … all with the serene sea and Kamala Beach view – who would want to come back leaving that bliss?

However, apart from our Penthouse Pool Suite, we experienced the luxury pool villas of Andara Resort and Villas. Like its name, it was just an epitome of luxury at its finest form. The villas were gorgeous, grand, spacious and the experience to stay there was unreal. It once again had that superior homely feeling attached to it. It had its own garden, play room, big infinity pool, giant rooms, super big Jacuzzi, gorgeous dressing room, private spa, gym, kitchen with the special attendants who are inside your villa itself and at your service 24/7. Indeed, it had everything that a human needs to live the best vacation life.

Additionally, this resort was fashion lover’s paradise. Their boutique was a hub of some fabulous resortwear. As soon as I entered the resort, I spotted Andara Boutique at the right hand side of the entrance. As I got to lay my eyes on their magnificent dresses and accessories, I couldn’t keep myself away. Their collections could easily win the hearts of those who live for fashion. The comfy beachwear with its sophisticated touch was just too alluring and I fell for it instantly. Though I would write about their collections in details sometime soon, you can still see me in Andara Boutique looks here in this blog too.

However, apart from fashion, another thing that wins my heart is good food and Andara Resort and Villas scores well there too. I would say that one of the great parts of Andara Resort and Villas is their Silk Restaurant and its mouth watering food. They offered us the best Thai food in the whole Thailand. The taste and quality of the food was supreme and the quantity was so good that it was beyond our imagination. We ordered a dish each for us but actually discovered that the quantity of food was almost double of what others offer. I had never seen a speciality restaurant that maintains the food quality so beautifully emphasise on quantity so well. The restaurant had an amazing vibe. The decor was fabulous and there was a spectacular view of Kamala Beach from the Silk Restaurant too. Ethereal? Yes, pretty much!

This celestial vibe of Andara Resort and Villas was enhanced even more when we visited Andara Spa. Me and my whole team went for a super rejuvenating session of spa which was much needed for us after the tiring journey. The whole 1 hour session of Andara Special Spa brought me back to my lively and fiery nature and my whole team turned into a zealous bunch. Andara Spa is famous in Thailand and won many awards for the variety of spa services that they offer and their skilled therapists. Me and my team went for different varieties of spa and all of them were remarkably well. It was proven to us that a good spa really makes a big difference to your body.

One of the most convenient part of staying in Andara resort and Villas was getting the best of two vibes. The close-to-nature Andara Resort and Villas was strategically located and it was exceptionally good with its connectivity too. This resort was just a few steps away from the tranquil Kamala Beach and the resort had its own transport i.e, the cute buggies to take to Kamala Beach. They even had their beach services there. So it gave us a feeling of a private beach resort. Other than that, the buggies even took us to local Kamala Market where we went, explored Phuket & of course did our bit of shopping. According to me, we stayed at the best part of Phuket i.e, Kamala Beach and surrounding. Even though people talk a lot about Patong Beach and its surrounding because of its vivid club life and entertainment, Kamala beach is far more appealing because it connects to the nature so well with its serenity. Green sea and the waves rushing to the black rocks create such an eternal chemistry that one would never feel tired of watching it. The Kamala Beach offers a view that’s perpetually memorable.

So, the overall experience of staying in Phuket was exquisite and while writing about my experience and going through the slideshow of the pictures that we took there, I’ve felt about re-visiting the place once more.
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