dress to kill

August 25, 2016, by

dress to kill

Most of us belong to those kind of people who keep the dress up games saved for grand occasions. We do believe in casual and easy going styles. But if we have to dress to kill, we would probably be at our electrifying best. The day I wore this look was one of those days and Maldives was lucky enough to see me in this stunning look. Haha, actually it’s the other way around. I was lucky enough to showcase this grand look at the most fitting place i.e, the super gorgeous island of Maldives.

This royal blue dress from Faviana depicts royalty the best way. This floor length dress gets complimented by its stunning cutout design. The shoulder strap and its angling cutout back details with crystal embellishment on white mesh make it an exquisite piece. The royal blue colored well fitted design adds its sparkle with that crystal embellished details. The same details continues to sensually appeal when it again creates an angular cutout around the waist on both sides. The peek-a-boo details with such an elegance have attracted me the most while choosing this dress. It’s like flirting with sophistication. You can never ignore it! It makes you fall for it effortlessly.

The bottom of the dress doesn’t have a slit. It has a lot of fabric to allow you to move your legs. If I would have to describe this dress, I would never miss these points – feminine, elegant and sensuous. Oxymoron? Well, that’s why this dress is so unique and instantly catch the fancy.

In this look, I have chosen to rely upon the perennially sophisticated accessories. The royal blue colored heels from Gucci perfectly fit the appeal of the gown. The peep-toe pumps are made for classy looks and I have chosen this pair of shoes almost instantly. The same goes with the handbag too. My Gucci Dionysus Bloom bag in blue floral details goes best with the other blue shades that this grand look flaunts. Its heavy metal chains and signature Dionysus closure pushes the level of sophistication up higher.

I have let the elegance do the talking in the makeup too. The grand presence of color blue in this look has got to exhibit more glamor with the touch of pink lipstick and the prominent lines of winged eyeliner. The graceful vibe is at its best in this look yet you can use the look at the time when you decide to dress to kill.
Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.

Outfit details
Dress : Faviana Option 1 & Option 2
Shoes: Gucci Similar
Handbag: Gucci


Location Courtesy : The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi

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  • Obsessed with the dress ! You look like a princess !

  • Maria Torres

    I am in love with your blue gown. So gorgeous.

  • Patricia Lozano

    Such a divine look Twinkle! You are a timeless beauty!!

  • Colleen Watson

    A well-planned look. So gorgeous. It seems the accessories used in this look are specially made for the dress.

  • Absolutely stunning! You look like a princess
    Blue is definitely your color
    xxx Eva


  • Emily Johnson

    Absolutely love your hair! So mesmerizing

  • Shivangi Kapoor

    Most feminine look. This look needs an oomph factor to carry it perfectly. You have that.

  • Yumi Miyamoto

    I love to see this look. Blue color looks so electric. The back details of your dress is killer.

  • Shruti Patel

    I love the whole appeal of this look. Very classy in every sense. You look like a Goddess in long dresses.

  • Priyanka Bajaj

    Blue colour looks absolutely stunning on you. On top of that, this look shows a heavenly combination of dress and accessories.

  • Reshmi Ganguly

    The gown is so gorgeous. Your makeup is on point.

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    Just calculated the price of the things that you are sporting in this look. Slightly on the extravant side. But worth $2550 look.

  • Giselle Witt

    The dress is dashing and you look like a diva.

  • Julia Kristin

    This is super gorgeous. I love the place where you have shot the look. The decor compliments your look.

  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    Your Gucci accessories are on point. Do I even have to say that the outfit is fabulous and you look stunner in it?

  • Emma Simpson

    This is such a gorgeous dress. Blue is totally your color. But then again, the dress is a killer in any color.

  • kayla Hadly

    You create such elegant looks with the right amount of sensuality. Your style is so graceful to capture one’s mind.

  • Caroline Lopez

    The thing that I love the most about your blog is your versatility. You never hesitate to show off any look. From swimwear to street casuals to elegant or floor sweeping gown, you pull off everything with grace. You are such an inspiration to try out new look in different dresses.

  • Bianca Raymond

    This is so classy. From the outfit to accessories, this look is totally made for red carpet.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    This dress is extraordinary and the person who is wearing this dress is a Goddess. A naturally perfect look.

  • Viva White

    O vestido é tão bela e elegante . Cor azul complementa a sua pelé tão bem .

  • Muskaan Mirza

    This is a fabulous look. From the dress to bag, everything talks about class. Not to forget the shoes.

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    Love your dress. I am a fan of Faviana. They have an amazing collection. It’s good to know about this label.

  • Tulip Wahi

    Blue looks so stunning on you and this dress is classic. The title of the blog is simply perfect.

  • Sophie

    Wow, this is a total red carpet look. So classy. It reminds me of Met Balls and Film Festival type of looks.