Days in Bangkok

August 11, 2016, by
days in Bangkok

Days in Bangkok

When I start talking about my days in Bangkok, I just can’t stop talking about the crisis situation. It was so dramatic from the beginning of this tour. I know it’s probably one of the stupid things one could do. I left my whole wallet back at home which included currency, credit and debit card etc and got into the airport with my whole team.
Suddenly at the time of declaration at the airport, I realized that I had reached the airport without my wallet.
Thankfully my siblings Rinkle & Avishek were carrying their cards but another crisis came in. Both the ATMs at the airport were not working and we were stuck inside the airport. Thankfully, the airlines ground staff came forward to help us out. It was heavily  raining outside. However, amidst all difficulties, he told us he would go to the ATMs outside the airport with our cards and bring in the cash that we needed urgently to convert it to THB. I would forever be grateful to that guy who offered this enormous help to us at that moment. Without his help, the trip might not have been possible.

So, surmounting all the obstacles, we boarded on the plane to Bangkok. I was cursing myself for not bringing the currencies and my cards as all my planning to indulge into shopping got choked to death instantly. Anyway, it was all my fault. So I needed to take it in my stride and move on. Thankfully the beautiful city of Bangkok helped me a lot to overcome the grief of my stupid mistake. The sight of illuminated city from the airplane made me realize that cribbing about what happened wouldn’t bring me anything. The city I was entering into asked me to live the moment and I followed it.

I went into this beautiful hotel The Peninsula Bangkok very early in the morning and the beautiful appeal of the hotel and the warmth of the staffs made me forget about what happened.

When I entered into my room and I saw a cute welcome card is kept at the breakfast table along with some fresh fruit and juice, all I thought about was to start the day afresh and forget about what I might miss out on.

It was definitely a deeply saddening fact that a shopaholic like me didn’t get a chance to shop in a city like Bangkok. But this wonderful hotel The Peninsula Bangkok came to my rescue. They had so much activities that I was occupied all throughout my 2 days in Bangkok. So I can somewhat say that had I not stayed in a gorgeous hotel like The Peninsula Bangkok, it surely would have been extremely depressing.

The spacious and luxurious hotel rooms at The Peninsula Bangkok had two things that appealed me the most. A spectacular view to the city from the glasses of the room & a big size bathtub to get into to keep away all the exhaustion. Both of them acted as instant refreshment to me immediately after I checked in.

After finishing my breakfast in the morning, I wanted to get out of all the tension and wanted to do something interesting. I knew The Peninsula Bangkok conducts Thai Cooking Class under Pen Academy. Though I don’t know how to cook, but I love Thai food in general and always curious to know about it. So I told them about it and they happily asked us to join to know about some quick, easy and delicious Thai recipes. I revealed to one of their most talented Thai chef Urai that I was not fond of cooking and I was actually looking for easy, healthy and delicious recipes. She quickly got my point and made me learn how to make Papaya Salad. All I could say was ‘Pinch me’! Yes, I couldn’t believe I could make something so delicious all by myself.

Apart from Thai cooking, The Peninsula Bangkok had a lot of interesting activities to offer to their guests. Even though the Bangkok view from the room’s windowpane 24/7 was breathtaking enough to spend hours, there was even a better opportunity to view the city at The Peninsula Bangkok. I was invited to join the Sunset Cruise where the personal cruise of The Peninsula Bangkok took me to a trip along the Chao Phraya River and showed the old and new Bangkok city in style whilst offering some afternoon snacks and cocktail.

Other than this, I have so many memories that I had during my stay at The Peninsula Bangkok. I thoroughly love the penthouse suite of The Peninsula Bangkok which is perfect for a group to stay together for an event. It’s like a personal apartment that has big luxe bedrooms, a huge hall that reflects Thai tradition and heritage in the interior work, a sophisticated sitting/meeting room and most attractive part of it was the jacuzzi setup at the rooftop. Bathing inside the jacuzzi with the view of the cityscape of Bangkok is quite a feeling!

I also pampered myself with a thoroughly rejuvenating spa session at Spa – The Peninsula. The vibe inside the spa was awesome and the 1-hour treatment made me forget what fatigue was! The treatment indeed defined to me why Spa – The Peninsula has won so many awards. The spa inside had facilities galore and I loved them all.

If I talk about all the luxurious experiences, I only talk about half of my whole Bangkok experience. I had traditional, philanthropic and adventurous experience too and sharing my experience would not be completed if I don’t talk about them.

The experience of offering alms to monks early in the morning at the hotel’s spirit house was a completely different kind. I love how a hotel brings in so traditional and philanthropic touch while allowing their guests to participate in this holy act and seek blessings!

Tuk tuk ride is one of the things that everyone wants to enjoy during the trip to Thailand and the Tuk Tuk ride for me was definitely a memorable one. More memorable thing was that I even tried my hand at driving one. Need I say more? No, right?

However, if you think a trip to Bangkok is not complete without a bit of adventure, here’s the one for you. I had a workout session at the helipad center of the hotel terrace. We are conscious about a healthy lifestyle. Specially after digging in to all those delicious Thai recipes, a workout session was much needed. When I was told about the location of practicing yoga, I just couldn’t resist myself. If a yoga session at the all-open helipad center at 37th floor overlooking the whole city of Bangkok doesn’t give me goosebumps, nothing else would. It was a sensational experience overall.

So even while being sad about not getting much time to walk around the Bangkok streets and shop, I can feel glad about experiencing something that I never had. The Peninsula Bangkok surely enriched me with a lot of memories.

As of now, exploring the streets of Bangkok and the experience of shopping can wait for a few months. The best part of missing out on something is that you ought to make a comeback. So expect me very soon, Bangkok!
Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.

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    Beautiful and such an inspirational read. Love all of your looks and I am
    wishing and hoping that I will have the pleasure and opportunity to visit this lovely place as well. <3

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    Oh my God, you were in such a challenging situation. Had I been in your place, I would have started crying at the airport itself. But a person who’s grown so big knows how to handle things. I admire your tenacity. Way to go!