Maldives sun

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Maldives sun,  The Sun Siyam, Iru Fushi

Hellos everyone! I’m super excited to write this blog today. A few weeks before, I revealed to you that I was going to an exotic location and I also promised to you that you would not be missing out on any moment if you follow me on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter etc. Now I hope you were not disappointed and I delivered what I promised. You have seen all the beautiful places through the pictures and videos shared on the social accounts of mine. But if you want to know how exactly it felt like, I’m gonna share it all with you today. I’m keeping everything under the Maldives Sun.
So, if I start describing my Maldives experience, it would begin with the word ‘unreal’. The resort The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi where we stayed in Maldives looked like a paradise on earth. From the Maldives airport, we boarded on a sea plane which looked more like a private jet that could land on sea. It took us to an island which was the farthest destination and was cut off from the rest of the world. While landing on this beautiful island, my inner heart whispered that it couldn’t be the real world.

Once we stepped into the resort, we were welcomed by the lovely team of The Sun Siyam, Iru Fushi at the sea plane arrival. We were taken to have a fabulous mocktail to ease off the rest of the day and then awaited us in the room was a beautifully decorated bed, a bottle of champagne and fruits. Quite a memorable greeting it was!

While talking about the resort, even if I write a lot of good things about The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, it would fall short. The resort was fabulous and each corner of it had its own special appeal. From the personal pool attached to each of the villas to the jacuzzi, everything was just so relaxing! The private access to the ocean, sun bed, personal sitting area with a heavenly view of the blue lagoon sea in front … it was just ethereal!
The resort had different accommodation types and it was awesome to get the feeling of all of them. Apart from the personal villas, there were two other mind blowing options named Celebrity Retreat and Water Villas.

I love the concept of Celebrity Retreat. It can accommodate a modest number of people in a group and make them feel at home with everything personally attached to their villa. While being offered a personal kitchen with a chef, personal spa with therapist, personal gym, game and recreational room … the group can just check in to the resort and forget about it and start thinking that they are in the heaven on their own. I am amazed to see that the resort is so thoughtful about a group of people coming in to the resort to celebrate their own special occasion.

As far as the Water Villas are concerned, they are too good to be true. The villas are located on the top of the ocean where you get to hear the sound of sea water and waves. There is a railing staircase to get down to the sea water from the personal villa any time you want. Wait, that’s not everything! One gets to see the blue lagoon water rolling underneath the villa with a transparent glass situated on the floor of the room itself. Phenomenal?! Oh yes, pretty much.

If all these things are beyond the belief, then there are a lot more in store at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi to get one dumbfounded. Like the presence of an infinity pool inside your personal villa. One could see the personal pool attached to the villa is merging into the blue lagoon sea. Need I say more? If yes, then I must share that on top of this superb decoration and presentation, the largest attraction of The Sun Siyam, Iru Fushi is their award winning spa. The session just removes all the fatigue so incredibly. They have different rooms for therapy, manicure, pedicure and other beauty care. Even the therapy rooms have different categories. There are twin bed and single bed room for therapy. The therapists are extremely efficient. I also love the aroma of the products of Thalgo. The products were exuberant and the session was thoroughly rejuvenating.

The other thing that I can’t miss out on if I talk about The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi is the food and beverage. The restaurants at the resort serve mouth watering food. Me & my team went to Iru Restaurant for breakfast and its wide range of cuisines impressed everyone. Apart from that, we went to Italian restaurant The Trio, Islander’s Grill that offers Maldivian food and also the restaurant named Bamboo that presents Thai and Vietnamese recipes. The mind was blown or rather the taste buds were conjured by the food that we had all throughout the visit.
The resort has activities galore if one is an adventurous person. They have a diving centre which offers the facilities for scuba, snorkelling etc. Also one could enjoy a divine time at the sunset cruise if the person wishes so. The resort has every single thing to offer. While planning my trip to Maldives, I had a small wishlist and the resort offered me more than what I wished for.

However, above all the magical experiences under the Maldives Sun, I would love to add that I felt blessed to have such a warm and welcoming group of the hospitality staffs to cater me 24/7. They made my visit worth remembering for the rest of my life.

Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.
 Location : The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, Maldives

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