Monochrome style for the Valentine

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Monochrome style for the Valentine –  monochrome fashion, monochrom, monocrome

OMG, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Oh wait, tomorrow’s Sunday.
In no way I’m gonna dress up on a Sunday just to hang out with my beloved.
Why not a cozy lunch at home?
Will it be too boring?
Or if I go out, how about a minimalistic look? I don’t feel like dressing up on a Sunday.
Or there is another clan of single girls like me who think if they actually have the need to dress up on a Valentine’s Day. Anyway they are single and not ready to mingle. The plan that they have for the Valentine’s Day is lunch or dinner with the girls or family. So obviously a chic minimalistic look is just perfect for them.

So today’s Valentine’s Day article is about minimalistic Valentine’s Day look for the people who fall in the two categories above. Today I’m sharing ideas to create a look that’s chic and inspired by street style.

When your other friends are dressing up for a perfect date night with their Valentine and emphasizing on a perfect Valentine’s Day look , it’s better to make a difference. Follow the trend, go minimalistic and make an edgy statement. This is not only the outfit idea to swear by for the single ladies but also for those who are feeling lazy to dress up on a Sunday albeit Valentine’s Day.

We all know monochrome is in trend these days and it creates a perfect combination of chic and elegance with the touch of black and white. So the idea is … yes, you got it right! Save your time that you spend looking at your closet to decide what to wear. Just pick monochrome. Yes, I repeat,  just pick monochrome because monochrome style for the Valentine is surely gonna pull attention and take minimalism to a new height.

Believing in the monochrome style statement is the new phenomena among the fashionistas. Some people including me consider that monochrome is the new black. The contrast of the two colors black and white is so effortlessly attractive. There is a lot of focus on the monochrome dresses these days as it’s one of the best chic combinations to compliment the minimalistic approach. Hence, there are so many monochrome dresses that you can find these days. Some of them are really irresistible because of a super trendy vibe.

So now I’m going to share some dresses in monochrome style for the Valentine. Yes, impress everyone with your smart appearance on the Valentine’s Day. As you go through the recommendations, you’ll find these dresses have some appealing designs, cutouts and textures.

Choose any black or white bag along with this dress. In my look, I have chosen a black crossbody bag. However, white will look equally edgy.

The last suggestion is to team up this look with a pair of white sneakers. A pair in black and white will go well too. But wear a pair of sneakers to give your street style inspired look some brownie points. There is no problem to go with the tried and tested formula of wearing elegant heels though.
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.
Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.

Outfit Details

Dress or Top & Skirt


Marc Jacobs
Alexander Mcqueen
Ralph Lauren
Antonio Berardi
French Connection
Eliza J


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