Simple makeup tips for evening out

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Simple makeup tips for evening out – MAC Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Urban Decay, Dior, L’Oreal Paris

Today I have decided to quickly share some simple makeup tips and some on-the-go makeup products of mine which I’m relying upon off late.

There comes some time when you would have to get ready for an evening meeting – be it a semi-formal meeting or just a casual get-together. Even though you know, you need to get your makeup done, there are times when you feel lazy about it. So instead of doing full-fledged makeup, you prefer minimalistic look for that day. Winter season comes up with some days like that to me. Winter season means laziness due to cold weather. Also, you know your makeup is going to be firmly in place since you are not sweating these days. So, you can afford using some simple makeup tips for evening out in the winters in particular.

MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette

I’m very much into this color correcting technique. It helps me easily contour the face. Those who are following my beauty posts for quite sometime know it well. So it’s a fairly common product which you get to see in my beauty posts. I’m using the shade Deep Medium and that perfectly matches my skin tone. Buy It Here

Estée Lauder Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil Black

I have recently got this pencil home as I wanted to try a proper black shade on my eyebrow while wearing an all black look. These full black brows get along really well with black kohl lines and black outfit in this look. Buy It Here

MAC PowerPoint Eye Pencil

As I have already said, my focus in this look was to emphasize black. To let the magic of black pop out, I have used the shade Engrave. The shade Engrave has the rich deep black appeal and the little smudged black kohl lines has helped to make the look intriguing. Buy It Here

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

I don’t know why I don’t get enough desire or courage to change my mascara. However, this one exactly does the thing that I want. It intensifies my lashes and adds volume and length. So it’s the same product for this post too. Buy It Here

Urban Decay Naked 3

I have decided to juxtapose the color black with pink eyeshadow and berry red lips. So I have picked the perfect palette for pink eyeshadow. Urban Decay naked 3 allows to play with various shades of pink and I couldn’t keep my hands away from it. Buy It Here

Dior Addict Fluid Stick – Vie D’enfer 869

As the look otherwise shows minimalism for evening out, it’s best to let the dark lips do the talking. So, it’s apt to give the lips a shiny finish with voluptuous appeal and moisturized care. For that, I have picked this luscious dark berry red shade from Christian Dior. This is an awesome combination of lipstick and lipgloss. It has the presence of color on the lips like lipstick and shining luscious effect like a lip gloss. Highly recommend it for the winters. It doesn’t just add gorgeousness through color, it keeps the lips moisturized with utmost care. Buy It Here

So these are the few products I have used for the evening meeting. Hope these simple tips helps you out next time when you are in hurry to go for an evening out.
Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.


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  • Emma Simpson

    Your eye makeup is always on point or maybe you have defining eyes.

  • Sarah Laurent

    Comme t’es belle

  • kayla Hadly

    Nice lipstick.

  • Claudia Solina

    Tu sei bella 😎 tanto bella 😎

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    You makeup is perfect. Post some tutorial video as well.

  • Maria Torres

    You are a total trendsetter.

  • Bianca Raymond

    Cool & Cool as always . Classy makeup.

  • Julia Kristin

    so beautiful skin!

  • Shruti Patel

    Wonderful photos, love it!

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    Love your lip color. Perfect .

  • Aliya Singh

    Love your makeup. You amaze me.

  • Muskaan Mirza

    Love your makeup. Simply great.

  • Natalina Lorenc

    Nieziemska stylizacja <3

  • Sophie

    Estée Lauder Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil Black is my choice. Just perfect.

  • Colleen Watson

    I love your eyes. The defining lines look so gorgeous.

  • Yumi Miyamoto

    You are very beautiful. Perfect eyes and lips. You inspired me a lot. Thank you. Kisses from Japan.

  • Giselle Witt

    Herrlich. Nizza Schönheit schriftlich.

  • Emily Johnson

    Perfect makeup. You look flawless. I also use Urban Decay Naked palette. The shades are awesome.

  • Priyanka Bajaj

    Love your lip color.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I love Dior. Your lipstick is the best part of this look.

  • Viva White

    Você é linda meu amiga.

  • Tulip Wahi

    Stunning. You look best in red lipstick. Thanks for your tips.