Top 10 glitter nail polish for Christmas Party

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Top 10 glitter nail polish for Christmas Party – gel nails, gel nail polish, nails art

Ahh, it’s the first week of December and everyone’s discussing Christmas. I was going to write almost before ‘everyone’ but somehow I restrained myself because if I wrote almost everyone, I would have meant there are a few who have not started to discuss Christmas yet (counting me too in the list). Let’s be honest, I’m a shopper throughout the year. To me, Thanksgiving weekend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just went by and Christmas is still a fortnight away. Well, it was so until I started looking at these glitter nail polishes. There are a few things that get you into the groove. This glitter nail polish is one of those. While checking out if there’s any latest shade which has come up, these tiny shiny bottles struck my eyes and voila, the thing that my inner side said was, ‘oh they are perfect for Christmas party look’ and that was it. I made an extensive research on the glitter nail polishes and picked my top 10 glitter nail polish for Christmas party.

Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer (Be Dior 892)

If burgundy and purple are the colors of the season, you have every reason to exhibit your love for these colors all throughout the season which means right at the X Mas party too. Enjoy them all throughout the season and if you need a special shiny effect for Christmas party, choose Be Dior. See more


Essie Shimmer Nail Polish (Haute Tub)

Nothing can beat the a shimmer nail polish and it’s sparkling effect at the Christmas party. So Essie brings an apt Haute Tub shade for all those shimmer lovers. See more


Burberry Beauty Iconic Colour Nail Polish (Festive Gold)

To add to the gold and glitter lovers delight, this shade Festive Gold from Burberry has the best of two. It just depicts your festive mood through the color of your nails when you apply it. See more


NARS Fantascene Nail Polish (Black Fire)

If glitter is your focus but you want color, then this shade is not something you should miss out on. The royal blue shade with bling effect  acts a match made in heaven or rather a gorgeous planet. NARS Fantascene’s Black Fire is a nail polish to reckon with. See more


Essie Frost Nail Polish (For the Twill of it)

Essie Frost is a multi color and shine effect’s killing combination. Those who are raring to go bold this Christmas Party, the shade For the Twill of it is something they should zero in on. See more


Yves Saint Laurent Kiss & Love La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer (Carmin D’or)

YSL Kiss and Love section’s sophisticated couture finish has the boldness merged in it. Its bold red Carmin D’or is perfect for Christmas. See more


Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer (Métal Montaigne 803)

A gray shimmer is a perfection as the close-to-black grey is chic and metallic finish makes it an uber chic option. Dior Metal Montaigne is just that. See more


Formula X The Colors (pearlescent burgundy)

Like its name, a blazing shade with a adorable burgundy color which is a top pick in winter. It has irresistible shine which makes it a winner. See more


MARC JACOBS Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish (Sallyiridescent blackened green)

Arguably a bold and gorgeous shade which can be considered as a killer one at a Christmas party. Marc Jacobs Blackened Green is nothing but perfection. See more


DOLCE & GABBANA The Nail Lacquer (Stromboli)

Dolce and Gabbana shade named Stormboli is a super attractive shining nail paint. It’s unique mustard shade with bling effect easily stands out. See more


Hope this touch of bling has made you thoughtful about Christmas party look as well. So now I can clearly omit ‘almost everyone’ and can emphatically say everyone is thinking and discussing Christmas now.
Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.

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  • Tulip Wahi

    I have the metal dior nail polish. I went for it after seeing your earlier recommendation.

  • Claudia Solina

    bello smalto.

  • Roselyn Kennedy

    Best nail polish .

  • Sarah Laurent

    J’aime les couleurs.

  • Aliya Singh

    I love it.

  • Viva White

    Se no Natal tudo é mais tranquilo e nem sempre nos arrumamos muito para passar a noite, o Reveillon já é um pouquinho diferente” .

  • Priyanka Bajaj

    DOLCE & GABBANA The Nail Lacquer (Stromboli) looks lovely. Love to buy.

  • Shivangi Kapoor

    i love the shining nail polish. i am trying them these days.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    The golden one from Burberry before New Year please.

  • Julia Kristin

    Nice color combination.

  • Tiffany Fernandes

    I am obsessed with these nail polish. Perfect for Christmas & New year party.

  • Muskaan Mirza

    Perfect nail polish for party season. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bianca Raymond

    These nail polish are really stunning.

  • Shruti Patel


  • kayla Hadly

    Nice collection and recommendation. Thumbs up.

  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    La bellezza. Lo capisco bene.

  • Sophie

    Fabulous colors. I love purple the most.

  • Emma Simpson

    Love these colors. Nice selection. God bless.

  • Colleen Watson

    Very Nice. I am first one to comment.