how to change a normal look to party look

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how to change a normal look to party look

how to change a normal look to party look – MAC, Urban Decay, L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline

It’s Thursday and before the weekend, I thought of writing a makeup post for you. Today I share a few simple tips to on how to change a normal look to party look. Of course, I consider the fact that a few of you make a party plan on a Friday evening exactly on your way back home from work. So if you are left with no time in hand to get party ready, just follow these few simple steps.

MAC Select Moisturecover

Concealer and foundation that offers light to medium coverage is definitely a part of everyone’s regular makeup regime. But if you are protective about your skin and not a fan of makeup at all, carry a couple of products like that inside your bag when you go to the workplace. In case of an urgent requirement where you need to look presentable, a gentle application of these two things can change the whole look and make you look instantly brighter. I’m using MAC Select Moisturecover as the concealer which gives a moderate coverage with a natural looking finish. It is lighter on skin and keeps the look natural. Know more about the concealer

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

MAC Studio Fix Fluid which I’m using as the foundation is slightly heavy and tinted. It is better to make a base with the primer before using it. Then just a little drop of this foundation becomes adequate. If just a little drop is evenly applied on the whole face, it keeps the natural touch intact and makes it feel as good as a nude skin. Know more about the foundation

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

For eyes, a minimal look with mascara and nude eyeshadow is a part of go-to look. I’m using Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express as the mascara. I love it’s capability of volumizing the eyelashes. 2-3 coats of this mascara adds visible volume to the eyelashes and you need not apply cohl either just as I didn’t apply cohl in this look. Know more about the mascara

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow pallette

Natural and regular makeup? Yes, the base mascara thoroughly gives that feel. It is perfect for a business meeting or casual look. I’m using Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow pallette’s shade ‘suspect’ as a base. But the trick that I have used to make my regular natural look to a party look is using a darker eyeshadow as a highlighter. I have used Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow pallette’s shade ‘snakebite’ as the highlighter here . This way I have managed to give it a glimpse of smokey eyes. I have used the highlighter from the end to the middle of the eyes, created a wing shape at the end corners and it suddenly enhanced the whole appeal of the look. It has made the look attractive and sensuous. Know more about the eyeshadow

L’Oreal Paris True Match Blush 102 True Rose

As you can notice, the blush on which I’m using here blends with the skin and makes it look absolutely natural. I didn’t disturb its natural feel. I have kept the blush on for regular usage unchanged while turning it into a party look.  L’Oreal Paris True Match Blush has worked perfectly fine here. In the end, natural is way more attractive. Know more about the blush on

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

I have finished the look with a bold red lipstick as I wanted the lipstick to steal the attention. I have used MAC Ruby Woo which is one of the most popular lip shades in the world. It’s matte and its supremely gorgeous. It’s perfect for parties as it stays there for hours and there’s no need to re-apply. Plus, the red colour makes the look seductive, and stylish. It adds that glamourous appeal in to the look which is perfect to turn heads at the party. Know more about the lipstick

Share how you useful you feel these simple tips are to convert a normal look to party look.

Lots of love,
Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat.

how to change a normal look to party lookMAC Studio Fix FluidUrban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow pallettehow to change a normal look to party look 1how to change a normal look to party look 2L'Oreal Paris True Match Blush 102 True Rosehow to change a normal look to party look 3MAC Ruby Woo lipsticktwinkle mukherjee

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  • Valentina Roccuzzo

    I am also loving your white nail polish. Which brand is that?

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